Why is a spanish course with a native teacher better?

If you are thinking of learning Spanish, betting on a native teacher is the best thing you can do. When starting a new language, a native teacher teaches many details that are complicated for those who do not have Spanish as their mother tongue. Being a native is an advantage when it comes to teaching English. Details and certain expressions are much easier to teach by teachers who were born in a Spanish city.

Mind you, it's not all about being a native. It is also important to have the necessary knowledge to be a teacher. Teaching a language is more than just knowing the language. It is having knowledge about learning techniques, understanding the language in depth... That is why at Academia Contacto all our teachers are native speakers and qualified.

Advantages of doing a course with a native Spanish teacher

Taking a course with a native Spanish  teacher has many advantages. Our teachers have certificates in Spanish language teaching. All of our teachers undergo a selection process. In this way we ensure that they guarantee the integrity of our teachers in terms of experience, knowledge and handling of new technologies.

Accent and pronunciation is one of the great advantages of learning Spanish with a native teacher. They have the ability to produce the phonetic forms of the language more accurately than a non-native speaker. Thus, students can get used to different accents, which is then essential when taking the DELE Exam

In addition, the native teachers have a more up-to-date language. They are capable of constantly updating the language and incorporating a more current language. This is because it has a constant relationship with the language.

Doing a Spanish course with a native teacher makes you know better the culture of the country. Speaking a language is much more than just expressing yourself and understanding. Languages are usually related to culture. Native speakers connect the learning of the language with the learning of the culture.

Even though knowing how to speak a language does not make you the best teacher, having a good knowledge of teaching techniques, along with native language skills are the best ways to achieve proper learning.



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