How many students must have a Spanish class?

When looking for a school where you can learn Spanish, there are several factors that you have to study. One of the most important aspects is the number of students. Is it better to give private lessons or group lessons? If I choose group classes, how many students should there be in my Spanish class? Does the number of students really matter

If we look at the number of students per class in Europe, the countries with better academic results such as Finland, Sweden or Iceland. And , at these locations, they  don´t have a maximum number of students per class. Even so, Spain is only exceeded by four countries: Turkey, Czech Republic, Malta and Hungary. Every year, government officials create a debate about how many students the classroom should have.

Number of students in a Spanish class

The number of students in an educational center is around 30 (for secondary).  For high school are 38, but,  when looking for an extracurricular Spanish academy, the number of students is much lower. At Academia Contacto we believe in personalized education and therefore we have created our own educational system in which classes are small.

If, for whatever reason, there were more than our maximum (12 students per classroom), the class would be divided in two and two courses would be given with the same timetable.

In this way we manage to have a more personalized treatment. A Spanish class with few students is the best way to promote learning. Learning is easier when we speak more and our doubts are solved more easily. The teacher pays more attention to each student and, in the end, the results are much better.

According to a study by the Student Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR), conducted in the USA in 1980, classes with fewer students obtain better results. This reduction of 7 students in class showed that, 4 years later, those students who had been part of the class of 15 students had better results than those who had been part of the class of 22.

This is equivalent to giving 3 months more class time to classes with fewer students. Therefore, if you want to teach Spanish to a small group of students... Trust us! Small groups offer fewer distractions, enhance brain activity and allow more time to focus on each student individually, thus achieving their own best results.

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