Five great places to take tapas in Madrid

Tapas Madrid Learning Spanish in Madrid also means living like the madrileños do, and madrileños love tapas! Is Madrid a tapas paradise? It could be, if we check out the different areas which offer ‘tapas’ in the city. There are many places brimming with healthy food, Mediterranean and international cuisine, and many others varieties. These little pieces […]

The ‘top-terraces’ in Madrid

Círculo Summer is coming! And one of the most attractive things to do is drinking a beer or a cocktail in the sky… In the sky? Is it possible? Yes it is. Madrid has many different buildings which offer this possibility! In Spain this trend is known as “terraza” (terrace). And is a perfect option to […]

Shopping in Madrid: the best vintage stores

Although you have come to learn Spanish, you need a day to relax. In 2017 the trend is to wear something different, original… Madrid is the city of opportunities! One of the trends is ‘the vintage’, You can feel it everytime you set a foot on the streets. We thought they were old trends that […]

A perfect Sunday in Madrid

You need a relaxed time! We want you improve your abilities in our Spanish school. But you need to disconnect too. As we have told you before, in order to learn Spanish you should know the culture and the city too. Madrid is a great place, because you´ll have many activities almost every day. But […]

The best places to take pictures in Madrid

camera OK! You are here to learn Spanish. But you can take advantage of studying Spanish in Madrid to take up many other things. Are you a fan of photography? Well, Madrid is not only a vibrant city; it is a beautiful town too. There are a lot of interesting museums, many squares with fountains and […]

Parks and Gardens close to our Spanish School

Sabatini Gardens Free time after your Spanish course in Madrid? The weather is getting better, so let’s make the most of it by wondering through the best parks and gardens in this city. We will visit the most famous places, and discover unknown places too. Save energy after your Spanish classes, and be ready to walk and […]
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