Different ways to learn Spanish

ways to learn Spanish The best way to learn Spanish is to receive classes. Especially if they are with native teachers as in our academy. This helps you to acquire a very good accent and a very rich vocabulary. But it is also interesting that you do other types of practice to have fun learning, and also to practice. […]

Spanish expressions you should know

Spanish expressions If you are studying Spanish you will have noticed that it is a whimsical language. It has a lot of vocabulary, synonyms, words that are written the same and mean different things, etc.Today we are going to talk about some Spanish expressions that you will find useful to understand Spanish people and to show that […]

Spanish adverbs: a help with Spanish grammar

spanish adverbs Adverbs are invariable words that complement the meaning of a verb, an adjective or another adverb. Adverbs give information about the place, time, intensity or way in which the action takes place. See the Types of Adverbs page to discover the categories in which Spanish adverbs are classified.In our courses we will teach you everything […]

DELE exam to obtain Spanish nationality

Spanish nationality DELE exam is the most prestigious test to prove your knowledge of Spanish.  In our academy we prepare all levels and we advise you on the exercises, types of examinations etc. We have classes adapted to all levels so that you can pass the exam. In addition, we will inform you about the dates, news, […]
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