The best beaches in Spain

the best beaches in Spain If Spain stands out for anything, apart from its delicious food, it is for its incredible beaches. Spain has a coastline on three of its four sides. The northern ones are greener and cooler, while the south has the highest levels of heat. The Mediterranean becomes the perfect option for both Spaniards and foreigners to […]

Plans to do in summer in Madrid

summer in Madrid Madrid is a city full of people all year round. However, in summer you will find more tourists than Spaniards. Despite this, the summer season is perfect for concerts, summer cinemas or a drink in a penthouse. If you’re going to spend the summer in Madrid, don’t panic! Here’s a list of plans you can […]

Reasons for doing a Spanish course this summer

Spanish course this summer Holidays are approaching and, with them, a wonderful time to make the most of the time. Surely in summer you have plenty of free time. It’s a great idea to take advantage of the summer to do activities for which we normally don’t have time. We can’t think of a better time. That’s why we […]

Frecuently ask questions for DELE exam

questions for DELE exam If you are learning Spanish, surely one of your objectives is to take the DELE Exam. The DELE Spanish diplomas are official qualifications that accredit your level of knowledge and mastery of Spanish. They are awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.More and more companies are looking for people with several languages. […]

What a Spanish academy must have to be good?

Spanish academy To learn Spanish you have to find the best language academy. Learning languages is important to improve your job skills. But it also opens up more possibilities for you. It allows you to travel and get to know new cultures. You will discover wonderful people. You will have great experiences… Knowing a language other than […]

Many plans: rooftops and terraces in Madrid

terrace  We are in full season of good weather in Madrid. Enjoying the long days in the sun on a rooftop or terrace is a breeze. In addition to taking advantage of incredible views, you can enjoy quite affordable prices. You don’t need to leave your purse to have a drink on a roof terrace. Madrid […]
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