Spanish Grammar: the longest words in Spanish

spanish grammar words Spanish is a very rich language. It has many rules and can be difficult to learn. However, it is fun and considering the main rules you will not find it so complicated.Spanish grammar has fixed rules. By following them you can build numerous sentences so that you can express yourself well. In our academy we […]

Tips to prepare the study and learn Spanish

learn Spanish It is much more effective to spend 10 minutes a day practicing a language, rather than 3 hours a day for a month. That’s why we consider that repetition by spaces and regularity in your revisions are the two pillars of learning.To achieve this goal, it is important to think about what motivates you to […]

How is the summer in Spain?

summer in Spain The coronavirus crisis has caused the expectations for summer to be different. Still, we’ll be able to enjoy a few days of rest and disconnection. It is important that you can take a few days to visit new places, eat well, rest, etc. Summer in Spain has a lot to offer. If you are thinking […]

Reasons to prepare for the DELE exam

dele exam if you want to learn a language it is essential to give lessons. In addition, it is very important that these classes are in a good academy, with native teachers and with a reduced number of students. This is the best way to learn correctly and take advantage of the study. Our Spanish academy has […]

Tips, games and tricks for practicing Spanish

practicing Spanish At times like these, when you cannot leave your home, it is possible to continue practicing Spanish. In addition, it is also recommended that you do so when you are on vacation or when you are not in class. Practicing a language is fundamental to consolidate it.Spanish is a very rich language, with a lot […]
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