Practice Spanish: the most used words at Christmas

words at Christmas Do you want to practice Spanish? Are you going to spend Christmas in Spain? These are the words you will hear most often at Christmas if you live in Spain.The most used words at Christmas in SpainNavidad is Christmas.Papá Noel is Santa Claus.Portal de Belén i the Nativity secene., and and it is the same […]

Typical Spanish Christmas traditions

Spanish typical traditions Christmas in Spain is a time for family togetherness, rest and, for many, a time for reflection. This period of the year is one of the main celebrations of Christianity and is celebrated every 25th December commemorating the birth of Jesus. But Christmas is celebrated in Spain beyond religion. These are very important dates, when […]

Introduction to irregular verbs in Spanish

When you are studying Spanish, one of the most frequent doubts is the irregular verbs. It is true that the conjugation of verbs in Spanish is somewhat complex. Spanish has words that do not follow the rules of syntax for other words of the same type. For example, in Spanish, most verbs are conjugated to […]

When is the DELE exam in 2021?

DELE exam 2021 The situation we are living in means that official exams, competitions, courses, etc. have been suspended. This year has been very difficult for everything educational and cultural. However, it seems that little by little some things are being taken up again. Courses and tests that have been postponed are beginning to have scheduled dates.Therefore, we […]

Reasons to learn Spanish

reasons to learn spanish In the Tower of Babel of the world there are about 7.000 languages, spoken by its 7.300 million inhabitants. Of all of them, Spanish is the fourth most powerful language. So it may be one of the most recommended languages to learn. According to the study ‘El español: una lengua viva’ elaborated by the Instituto […]
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