Spanish course: how to accentuate it

Spanish course how to accentuate One of the most demanded options in recent years is learning Spanish. More and more companies are asking for this language as their main or second language. For this reason is a good idea come to Spain for doing a Spanish course. However, Spanish has some complications. In addition to all verb forms and conjugations, […]

Why learn Spanish in Madrid? Everything you need to know

learn Spanish Learn Spanish has many benefits for those who decide to take the plunge. Spanish is the second native language in the world. It has 550 million speakers, behind only Mandarin Chinese. It is also the second most learned language, behind only English. Learn Spanish is so important that it has become the second language of […]

Academia Contacto with Book Your Study

book Spanish school At Academia Contacto we are delighted to tell you about our new partnership and you can meet us at BookYourStudy! The best platform for contracting educational services around the world. They have more than 17 years of experience and have services almost all over the world. It is a platform where you can choose and […]

Common mistakes when learning Spanish

learning Spanish Learning Spanish can be fun and very entertaining if the teacher is the right one. At Academia Contacto we are always looking for native teachers who can help a lot with learning. Spanish is not a complicated language. Learning Spanish is much easier than it seems if you learn some basic rules. There are some […]

Spanish course: When you put B and V

spanish course One of the most complicated rules for people who are learning Spanish is knowing when to put “B” or “V”. If you are learning Spanish or taking Spanish courses, you will know that both are pronounced the same. That’s why it’s often confusing. In Academia Contacto we want to leave you some rules and tricks […]
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