How to prepare level b2 of the DELE exam

b2 of the DELE exam If you are learning Spanish for sure one of your goals is to pass the B2 level of the DELE exam. Therefore, it is important that you prepare well for all the examinations so that you can pass the exam and get your official diploma. But what does level b2 accredit and what tests do […]

The best areas to go out in Madrid

go out in Madrid If you are thinking of coming to Madrid to learn Spanish, discovering the best area to go out in Madrid is one of the first steps you should take. Madrid is the city that never sleeps. Every day of the week its bars are open until late in the morning.Madrid is divided into zones and […]

Original churches to visit in Madrid

churches to visit in Madrid If you’ve decided to come to Madrid to learn Spanish, it’s not all about studying! Madrid is full of fun, magic and art. Especially art! Whether you are a believer or not, the originality and beauty of its churches will leave you speechless. Discover the most original churches to visit in Madrid.What churches to visit […]

The importance of learning Spanish with a native teacher

native teacher One of the points that can make the difference when you want to learn Spanish is the teacher.  Choose a native teacher to learn Spanish. It brings greater professionalism and quality. In Academia Contacto all our teachers are native and qualified, as experts recommend that it is the best option to learn Spanish.Choosing a native […]

How to prepare for level B1 of the DELE exam

level B1 of the DELE exam If you are thinking of learning Spanish in Madrid, one of your main priorities should be to take the DELE exam. This exam certifies that you have the necessary level, that you have the knowledge and linguistic skills necessary to communicate and understand other people. It is becoming increasingly common for you to apply for […]

The most difficult words in Spanish

difficult words in Spanish Spanish is a rich, beautiful and inspiring language, but there are many difficult words in Spanish.  Many of the great writers of history were Spanish. Spanish has a very rich vocabulary. And even Spanish people have difficulty vocalizing certain words naturally. Leaving aside the technical words of each guild (such as the medical ones, which […]
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