What are some resources I can use to support my learning?

Some of the best resources to support your learning can be found on the internet. Depending on your level you may want to look for content that is aimed towards beginners, of which plenty can be found on YouTube.

Subreddits such as r/Spanish, r/LearnSpanish are great resources to support learning for fellow learners to resolve their queriers with native speakers and share different strategies and resources they have successfully employed.

Consuming to Spanish language content is a great way to expose yourself to at once further your understanding of the language whilst getting an insight into its associated cultures. The Hoy Hablamos podcast on Spotify is a great resource for beginner and intermediate learners with episodes focused specifically on grammar and others on general Spanish and topics of interests. For more advanced learners keeping up to date with Spanish newspaper El País either through their website or through their podcast Hoy En El País is an excellent option improve your Spanish. 

Otherwise Colombian journalist Diana Urbe releases fascinating podcasts on a wide variety of topics. Which spanning history, politics and pop culture both within and without the Hispanic world.

For those interested in Spanish culture Pedro Almodóvar’s films are at once excellent cinema whilst providing unique insights and reflections upon contemporary Spanish culture.

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