Plans for Easter in Madrid

If you are going to spend Easter in Madrid, you have to take a look at the programme! Easter in Madrid is magical. It's unique. It's feeling. Madrid has many plans for you to enjoy Easter. First, let's see when Easter is. This year begins on Sunday, April 14, (which is known as Palm Sunday). It ends on Monday (Easter Monday), April 22. So you have a wonderful week to make the most of your time and enjoy all the holidays.

In Madrid, if you are working, the holidays are Thursday 18th and Friday 19th. If you are learning Spanish in a language school, you will have the whole week on holiday. From the 5th of April until the 21st, you will find a whole programme of events and activities. You can't say that Easter in Madrid is boring!

It's okay that Madrid is not sevilla. But here you can also enjoy really fantastic and amazing processions. We propose a series of plans to make the most of Easter in Madrid.

Plans for Easter in Madrid

If there's something you have to do yes or yes during Holy Week, it's to attend a procession. In the centre of Madrid there are several for you to enjoy. One of the most important sights is the Christ of Medinaceli. It leaves on Good Friday at 19:00h, from the basilica Nuestro Padre Jesús in Medinaceli. On the same day and at the same time the Cristo de los Alabarderos (Christ of the Praiseers) departs. Its route begins at the Royal Palace, crosses the Plaza Mayor and ends at the Castrense Cathedral.

Another plan that you can enjoy during Easter in Madrid are the flamenco saetas in the middle of the street. This year there are two concerts of flamenco saetas scheduled: both are on Holy Thursday. One is at 19.00h and the other at 20.00h. The first will take place on the balcony in front of the Church of San Pedro el Viejo. The second will be from the balcony of the Colegiata street. It is a spectacle that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Don´t forget the gastronomy in Madrid

Madrid is well known for its excellent gastronomy. Semana Santa is the perfect time to try the most typical Madrid dish, the cocido.

Indispensable for any person is to tastethe torrijas and sweets of Easter. Torrijas, fritters, Easter eggs, fried milk and some more are the sweets typical of these dates. You can buy them in well known shops in the centre, such as La Mallorquina.

To finish your Easter trip in Madrid, attending the Tamborrada is obligatory. It takes place in the Plaza Mayor on Sunday 21 April. A group of brotherhoods, with drums and drums, take a walk through the Madrid of the Austrias. It is in the morning. You can't miss it!

As we have seen, Holy Week in Madrid is not the same as in Seville. However, you have many plans to enjoy as much as possible.