How is the C2 DELE exam?

The DELE exam is THE Spanish official exam and, good news! You can take it in our school Academia Contacto!

Why should you take the DELE C2 exam?

You will need it if you want to prove you have the highest possible level in Spanish.

How is the C2 DELE exam?

It consists of 3 parts

The first 2 parts will take place in the same morning, a Friday or a Saturday.

  • Group I: Reading and Listening comprehension: 105 minutes (from 9:00 to 10:45)
  • Group II: Listening comprehension and Writing: 150 minutes (from 11:15 to 13:45)

Total: 4 hours 15 minutes with a break of 30 minutes from 10:45 to 11:10

For the third part (speaking), you’ll receive an appointment from your examination center to take this part of the exam at a specific timetable.

For the speaking, there is a total of 3 tasks.

You’ll have 30 minutes to prepare the first task of the oral exam. After that, you’ll enter in the examination room and introduce the first task to an examiner. In the second task, you’ll have a conversation with him/her about the first task. And in the third task you’ll have a conversation about an improvised topic. In total, around 20 minutes.

How many points do I need to pass the exam?

The maximum is 100 points.

The different tests are grouped as follows:

  • Group I: Reading and Listening comprehension (33,33 points)
  • Group II: Listening comprehension and Writing (33,33 points)
  • Group III: Reading comprehension and Speaking (33,34 points)

20 points out of 33,33 points are required in each group to pass the exam (20/33,33 points in each group)

The Instituto Cervantes will communicate you the test results in approximately three months after the exam date.

Remember our school Academia Contacto is an official examination center.

What is the price of the C2 DELE exam?

The C2 DELE exam costs 220 € in 2021.

            When can I take the C2 DELE exam?

In this link, you can see the next dates to take the exam:

Be careful! You have to apply in advance (deadline is around 2 months before the exam date)

Where to apply for C2 DELE exam?

You can apply online in this link:

Did we tell you that we are a DELE examination center? (FEDELE ACADEMIA CONTACTO) so you can do the exam with us.

You can contact us for more details (, by phone: + 34 913 64 24 54 or WhatsApp: +34 655 956 811)

How to prepare for the C2 DELE exam?

You can take some classes with us: group lessons to reach the level and individual lessons in order to know better the structure of the exam and get ready. Remember that we also offer online lessons. You can apply here for one of our courses:

 In the Instituto Cervantes website, you can find all the details about the C2 DELE exam:


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