How to register for the DELE exam

How to register for the DELE exam

If you are learning Spanish, one of the main things you will want to do is the DELE exam. The DELE exam accredits the level of language skills you have. That's why it's more and more requested by companies. At Academia Contacto we recommend that you sign up for a DELE preparation course. In this way, you will learn what is necessary to get the maximum score in the exam. In addition, we have specific preparation courses!

First of all, you are probably wondering how you can register for the DELE exam. The registration to take the test must be done through the means set up by the Instituto Cervantes. Do you want to know more? We'll tell you.

How to register for the DELE exam

The Instituto Cervantes offers two options for you to take the DELE exam and demonstrate your language skills. You can take it online if you are going to take the exam in Spain, or through your examination centre if you plan to take the exam from your own country.

Payment for the examination may also be made by different methods.

If you have decided to register online, the Instituto Cervantes determines different electronic methods of payment. Otherwise, if you have decided to take the exam through an educational centre such as Academia Contaco, you can make the payment through us, always specifying the concept of "DELE registration" together with the date of convocation and the level at which you wish to take the exam.

In order to register for the tests, you will need to provide a personal e-mail address, in addition to the compulsory data. It is important that you choose your e-mail well, because the Instituto Cervantes will communicate with you through it. This way you will be able to receive the DELE diploma once you have passed the tests. In addition, you will receive information about new calls, grades, or the resolution of the review of grades.

If you are a minor, your registration must be made by a parent, guardian or legal representative.

So, if you decide to register, you should know that you will have to check the data offered that will appear in the proof of registration. You should check the personal data as well as the level, date and place of the call you have chosen to take the exam.

How to register from Spain

So, if you have decided to register online, you will be able to pay online with credit and debit cards, through a Virtual TPV system of Santander Elavon Merchant Services. Payments can also be made through Paypal.

Payment is made after completing the registration form.

Register through the language academy

If you have decided to register at the examination centre, you will have to formalise your registration through the DELE centres recognised by the Instituto Cervantes.

To do so, you will have to provide a photocopy or the original of your passport or official identity document. It must contain a photograph and the following information: name and surname, nationality and place and date of birth. The registration data must be the same as the identification document.

To make the payment, you will be able to do it through the methods allowed by the corresponding examination centre. The subscription must bear the concept "DELE inscription" together with the date of the call and the level at which you wish to apply.