When is the DELE exam in 2021?

The situation we are living in means that official exams, competitions, courses, etc. have been suspended. This year has been very difficult for everything educational and cultural. However, it seems that little by little some things are being taken up again. Courses and tests that have been postponed are beginning to have scheduled dates.
Therefore, we will see how the DELE exam will be in 2021. Their dates, levels, etc.
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DELE exam in 2021

The Instituto Cervantes, aware of the health alert situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus COVID-2019 and in collaboration with the authorities in Spain and the rest of the world, has decided, in order to protect everyone's health, to approve the following dates for the DELE exams. Due to the necessary cancellation of the calls, candidates who had planned to take the DELE exam in April or May 2020 will be assigned to later calls in order to save them from repeating the registration procedures. The Instituto Cervantes will inform candidates of the new date of their exam by email and the means at their disposal. From that moment on, candidates may change their registration for other calls in 2020 for which the registration period is open, if they have registered online, or they may request a change at their examination centre.

As a general guideline, you have a period of 14 days from the date of registration to request a refund of the amount paid. If you are going to take the exam in Spain within this period, simply contact the Instituto Cervantes using the form in the "Contact" section and select the option 'Request a refund'. If you are taking the exam in any other country, you must apply for a refund at your examination centre.

If the DELE exam is cancelled due to the COVID-19, the Instituto Cervantes will register candidates at the same examination centre for another DELE exam with places available. Candidates will have a maximum of two months to request a refund or a change of examination date if this is not convenient for them, provided that the new examination date has not been changed. In the case of calls in which the candidate is registered and finally they are held, the maximum period for requesting a refund of the amount is set at three weeks before the holding of the call. This amount will be paid in full within 30 calendar days.

Although refunds will be processed as quickly as possible, the Instituto Cervantes requests that candidates understand the exceptional nature of the situation.

Upcoming DELE exam 2021 dates

According to the educaspain.com website these are the DELE exam dates for 2021:

DELE exam 2021

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