Spanish course: summer in Madrid

Madrid in summer is a totally different city as you have known. But it is still a city with a million activities that you can realize by taking advantage of its empty streets and reduced queues. Exhibitions, cinema cycles, family activities, dance and theater works, concerts, classical music, popular races... At night, you can enjoy about the best DJ sessions and parties for all the people. There are many things to do and see in Madrid during this month. Check out the best plans for August and choose your favorites!

Spanish course in Madrid: plans in summer

Do you know the ‘Matadero’ of Madrid? A place full of charm where you can enjoy many activities. Foodtrucks, concerts, exhibitions, new artists... You can enjoy its markets and all the possibilities it offers. It is the ideal plan to put your Spanish into practice and rest from your Spanish school.

Los ‘Veranos de la Villa’ is a wonderful option if you are going to spend your time in August in Madrid. This is a summer music festival where you can enjoy the cultural offer. The festival poster is very diverse in genres, disciplines and styles. In its 66 days of programming, it offers concerts, magic, cinema, circus, sports, theater, dance and participative activities unpublished in Madrid. This is the case with the most popular and traditional games, the opportunity to listen to an underwater electronic concert, enjoy pyrotechnic shows during the day or salsa dancing with the best Latin bands, among other activities. You can rest from your Spanish course in Madrid, and enjoy these concerts. Are fantastic!

It is also possible to enjoy the Madrid summer film festival. This is edition number 33. Here you can enjoy the warm nights of the capital. The "dual double program" structure in two screens allows you to choose, every night, the option that may be of interest to the 3 or 4 titles programmed daily. And, if you don´t hit the election, you can always do zapping on foot. Put your Spanish lessons in practice and enjoy the film!

Finally, you can’t miss the wonderful summer pools. Before we can escape to the beach we have to bear the heat from Madrid. Either because we work or because we have not yet been able to take a few days off, we have to endure temperatures of more than 30 or 35 degrees day and night. That is why swimming pools become a much needed at this time. From the most natural ones located in the mountains like the most exclusive of the best hotels or the municipal ones, much cheaper, all serve to give us a dip and stop sweating for a few hours. Discover all the swimming pools in Madrid. I'm sure you're very close to your Spanish classes.