The most difficult thing to learn Spanish we teach in our academy

Spanish is a rich and complex language. It has a lot of vocabulary and grammatical variety. However, people tend to learn to speak Spanish with relative ease. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Learning Spanish is complicated. But that complexity makes it very rewarding.

English people tend to learn Spanish relatively easily. The phonetics of Spanish is quite simple and the graphics correspond to a single sound. Many English people decide to join a Spanish school and have a second language.

The difficulties of learn Spanish

Spanish has some complicated aspects. Let's see what's most complicated about learning Spanish.

  • Verb ‘ser’ y ‘estar’. Most languages do not distinguish these verbs. That's why many English people make mistakes like "soy cansado" instead of "estoy cansado". For them in both cases it is "i'm tired".
  • Another complicated point is the wording. Spanish is a very rich and broad language. Learning Spanish is complicated by vocabulary and verb tenses.
  • Nouns ending in 'E' drive foreigners crazy. The masculine gender ends in O, while the feminine gender ends in A. Nouns ending in E tend to create confusion.
  • The "subjunctive" verb tense. It's a verb tense that English people don't have. That's why learning Spanish costs them a little more.
  • Intonation is practiced in Spanish schools. While for some students it is simple, for Asian students it can be quite complicated.
  • The letters J, G and R have loud sounds. That's why many students have trouble pronouncing them. In addition, the letters Ñ and H do not exist in other languages or are not used in the same way. This is one of the greatest difficulties in learning Spanish.
  • The difference between formal and colloquial language. Spaniards also use the Spanish proverb a lot. More advanced students often find this difficulty in Spanish classes.
  • Spaniards also use double meaning or irony a lot. although it is complicated, students who learn the language must learn to handle irony.

These are the most complicated aspects of learn Spanish. However, in a Spanish academy you learn all the necessary aspects to develop naturally.

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