The best series to learn Spanish and improving vocabulary

Many Spaniards learn English thanks to the American series. Series such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Emergency have done more for the English of the Spanish than many schools. Although our Spanish language school is very focused on practice and you will learn the language very well, watching series is very good additional exercise.
As well as being fun, watching this series is highly recommended for learning new expressions and improving your Spanish. You can also enjoy some series that are very successful in our country.

Series to learn Spanish and improving vocabulary

Ask our Spanish school for the most recommended series to improve your vocabulary. Here are some of them and their arguments, so that you can start with the one you like best.

Cuéntame. This is one of the best series made in Spain. It has been on air for many years and is ideal for learning Spanish, improving your vocabulary and learning about the social, economic and political history of Spanish society at different times. It stars a lower-middle class family during the last years of Franco's regime and the beginning of the Spanish Transition, and is also a socio-political chronicle of the time.

Las chicas del cable. The first Netflix series produced in Spain. It is set in Madrid in 1928 and tells the story of 4 girls who start their working life in a national telephone company. The characters will have to face the continuous envy, jealousy and betrayal of their own colleagues. However, the friendship and love between many of them will make their day-to-day life in this company more bearable.

Isabel. This Spanish sitcom is based on the life of Queen Isabella I of Castile, Isabella the Catholic. She was a woman who achieved a power that until then had only been destined for men. It can boast of being one of the most awarded series in Spain.

Mira lo que has hecho. This series is highly recommended if you know Spanish well, because it is a lot of fun. There are only 6 chapters of 30 minutes each. The main character is a well-known Spanish comedian, Berto Romero. The series talks about current affairs, family, etc. and his dialogues are very funny.

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