A typical week of activities in our Spanish academy

Learning Spanish in Madrid can be a fun adventure. In addition to the standard courses and intensive courses, we also have a lot of fun at the Spanish academy. That is why we organize so many activities to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest.

With all the activities we organize at the Spanish academy you will be able to reinforce your Spanish learning. All at the same time you enjoy tourism and meeting new and wonderful people. Let us show you some of the activities we have organised.

The best musical activities to learn in our Spanish academy

  • Meet & Dance. If you are a music and dance lover, this is the perfect activity for you. It's free and starts at 22:00. Among the styles you will dance are bachata and merengue. All this in a very good room in Madrid: the Cool Room or ´Sala Cool´ in Spanish.
  • Danzadas. If you love dancing but aren't good at it, you can enjoy a free dance show in the courtyard of the Reina Sofia Museum - a beautiful and fun location! You'll have a good time in very good company.
  • Do you feel like Freddie Mercury when you're in the shower? Does everything you pick up feel like a microphone? If you love to sing and want to meet new people, join our karaoke party! It's held on Tuesdays, it's free and the experience is fun.
  • Music and Poetry: For you, lover of letters, we have a completely different experience: music and poetry on Thursdays at the Centro Cultural Nicolás Salmerón. If you want to learn Spanish poetry, this is your chance. A unique and very enriching experience. It will make you feel like a child again!


Conocer gente y practicar español: meet people and practice Spanish

  • Meet & Speak. In the Soho Club there is an event on Thursdays where you can talk to other people, mostly other students or foreigners studying or working in Spain, to see how much Spanish you are learning. The idea is to make the most of your time and enjoy a good time meeting new people.
  • Meet & Taste. You will enjoy delicious tapas in the Plaza Mayor, the main square in Madrid. You will meet wonderful people and put into practice everything you have learned while having a delicious drink in the heart of the capital. Learning Spanish has never been so much fun.


Get to know other cultures through language exchange

  • Language Exchange. At the Collins Terrace you can enjoy the best language exchange on Wednesdays and Fridays. You can take the opportunity to meet other people. I'm sure you'll meet wonderful people! It's free and you'll leave with a very positive feeling. Coming to Madrid to learn Spanish doesn't have to be boring.


In our Spanish academy we take our students learning very seriously. We encourage you to enjoy yourself, get to know other cultures and make the most of your time to learn as much Spanish as possible. Studying Spanish in Madrid has never been so much fun.

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