Complete Spanish course: grammar and conversation

Learning Spanish is much easier than it seems if you find the right language school and the most complete course possible. The best way to learn Spanish is to combine grammar and conversation classes. These are the best Spanish courses in Madrid.

 Learning a new language requires a great deal of effort and motivation. Besides, learning Spanish is a bit complicated. It has many verbal tenses and people change a lot. But it's possible if you really want to.

 All Spanish courses at Academia Contacto have a mix of grammar and conversation. You will learn the basic rules of grammar, vocabulary, verbs.... You will be able to form meaningful and well-structured sentences.

 Spanish courses to improve grammar and conversation

In our Spanish school, we have a wide variety of courses for you to adapt to.

The standart Spanish course can be done in the mornings or in the afternoons. If you're working, we have good hours so you can get there on time. Besides, you'll find it for all levels.

 If you want to give your Spanish a boost, intensive Spanish courses are what you need. In this modality you have either Intensive 20 or Intensive 25. If you want to improve your conversation, our recommendation is that you choose Intensive 25. You will have one more hour of class every day in the modality you prefer: Conversation or DELE preparation. This is a good opportunity if you want to improve your Spanish.

 You can also choose the Intensive Spanish course + 2 hours of individual lessons. In these classes you will be alone with the native teacher. This will allow you to delve into your shortcomings and improve what you need most.

In the individual classes, the student may choose the lessons he wishes to improve. If you are learning Spanish, and have problems with a particular issue, you can practice in that part. The Spanish classes are designed to help you learn as much as possible. You will learn Spanish in the best possible way: practicing every day.

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