Academia contacto in the newspaper again

Our Spanish Academy has appeared in another Spanish media. The article talks about the digital transformation in Spanish SMEs and Academia Contacto appears as a reference of digital transformation. The organisation eAPyme prepared a report on this issue.

How is our Spanish academy in Madrid 

As a result, he noted that entrepreneurs understand the value that ICT adds to business. But they also feel that no further technological developments are being introduced for fear of lack of understanding on the part of employees.

 At Academia Contacto we take the digital transformation very seriously and we believe it is a highly recommended way to teach our Spanish courses. It offers many more possibilities for both teachers and students.

 At our Spanish academy in Madrid, the incorporation of ICT solutions makes the work of teachers easier and simpler. Our teachers can send the content of the classes, in digital form, from the computer to the blackboard. The form is very simple: via WIFI.

Our teachers were always open to this possibility and did not consider that this would complicate the classes. The result has been wonderful. Classes are easier to teach. The teachers are very happy and the most important thing is that our students are happy too.

At Academia Contacto we are very proud to incorporate the latest technology into our Spanish courses. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and give the best treatment to our students. With this addition, the Spanish classes are more enjoyable, interesting and comfortable. The teachers have many more facilities and this helps the learning of our students.

Digitization is a continuous process that needs to be constantly nurtured and nurtured. In our Spanish academy are very proud to be able to offer the best to our students. We are always looking for new ways to improve our classes so that learning is much easier and more productive.