The most famous Spaniards in the world

Spain is a small country, compared to most European countries. However, it is a big country in terms of the number of celebrities. Throughout history, many Spanish celebrities have flourished. It is (almost) impossible for anyone not to know Pablo Picasso, Dalí or Miguel de Cervantes. Or more contemporary celebrities, such as Paul Gasol or Rafael Nadal. If Spain stands out for anything, apart from its paradisiacal beaches, its exquisite gastronomy, its wonderful climate and its incredible people, it is because of its long historical trajectory. Therefore, if you are thinking of learning Spanish, here is a list of the most famous Spaniards in the world.

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The most famous Spaniards in the world

Getting to know the most famous Spaniards in the world is essential to enjoy Spain to the fullest. If you want to learn Spanish, it is essential that you learn about art, literature, cinema, sport... as Spain is a very cultural country! That's why we'll give you a list of the most famous Spaniards in the world - as you will definitely know more than one!

  • Pablo Picasso. Without a doubt, one of the best painters in the world. Picasso is the most famous Spanish artist in the world. Father of Cubism. Even if you have a minimal interest in art, you've probably heard of Pablo Picasso. If you decide to learn Spanish in Spain, you can visit his works in the museums of Madrid.
  • Salvador Dalí. In the artistic world, Dali is one of the most famous Spaniards and recognisable names. He is known for being a maximum exponent of surrealism. His works are located in the best museums in the world. In Spain, art has always been a great cultural source.
  • Miguel de Cervantes. Miguel de Cervantes was a novelist, poet and playwright, and was considered to be the greatest exponent of Spanish literature. To learn Spanish is to study Miguel de Cervantes, whose most famous work was Don Quixote.


Another famous Spanish celebrities 

  • Pau Gasol and Rafa Nadal. Pau Gasol and Rafa Nadal are two of the most famous Spanish athletes in the world. Their achievements are incredible. Both represent Spain at the Olympic Games. They are undoubtedly two great figures who will go down in history for being the best athletes of their time. And they are Spanish!
  • Javier Bardem y Penélope Cruz. Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz are two of the best known Spanish actors in the world. Both have won Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress. You've probably heard of them!
  • Footballers. If there's one thing that makes Spain stand out, it's having incredible footballers. Among the most famous are Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas or Pujol. If you like football, knowing the history of Spanish football is fundamental.
  • Singers. Among the most famous Spanish singers in the world are Alejandro Sanz and Julio Iglesias. You've probably heard some of their most famous songs.

To learn Spanish is to learn about art, literature, footballers, actors, sportsmen... If you are thinking of coming to Spain, you have to meet the most famous Spaniards in the world!