The best thing about doing a Spanish course

Learning at a Spanish school in Madrid has many advantages over other cities. Madrid is a city with charm, leisure, restaurants and fun. But it also has one of the best Spanish academies: Academia Contacto. Doing a Spanish course in Madrid will give you a lot of incredible benefits. In addition, you will meet new people and have a great time.

Advantages of learning at this Spanish school

Doing a Spanish course will help  you improve your skills. Learning Spanish has never been so simple and comfortable. Let's see what this Spanish academy has to offer - watch out!

  • In Academia contacto we care about your comfort. Therefore, you can count on us to find your accommodation. You can decide if you want to live with a Spanish family or if you prefer to move into a shared flat. We want your studies at the Spanish school to be as productive as possible. That's why we consider your comfort very important.
  • Before starting your course, the Spanish school will help you with everything you need: bank accounts, airport pick-up, accommodation booking... Everything you need.
  • During the duration of the course, this Spanish academy will provide you with the teaching material and you will have all the information at your fingertips.
  • We have a library with various books... In four languages! You can also read Spanish magazines and newspapers. In this way you will learn different types of writing.
  • We provide you with a student card with which you will have a discount in many places (cinema, theatre, museums...) More and more establishments are offering student discounts.
  • The teachers at our language school are completely native speakers. In other words, they know how to speak Spanish to perfection.
  • We do a level test before starting the course, to find the most appropriate to your knowledge. In addition, the groups in this Spanish academy are small. The smaller you are, the better.
  • In Academia Contacto you will find different options: intensive courses, standard courses and preparation for the DELE... In addition, we have different timetables and multiple levels. There will always be a perfect course for you.
  • The Spanish school is located in the heart of Madrid. Thanks to this, you will havedifferent shops, restaurants, pubs at your disposal...

Learning Spanish at a Spanish school in Madrid offers you advantages that are impossible to find anywhere else - trust us!