Learn Spanish: How they teach in our academy

Nowadays, learn Spanish is really important. More and more companies want their employees to speak several languages. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and therefore learning Spanish will help you improve and have more job opportunities. However, there is no point in signing up for any Spanish school. Choosing the right Spanish school is necessary to make the most of your money.

At Academia Contacto we work daily to make your learning experience as rewarding as possible. We want you to learn Spanish quickly and easily, but also in a fun way. That's why at Academia Contacto we take care of the details of our classes. Learning Spanish can be really flattering for your future. Choose the language academy that will help you to really learn.

Why learn Spanish in our language school

In Academia Contacto we know that the most important thing is your learning. That's why we're going to explain to you why it's good for you to choose our Spanish school.

  • Native teachers. To get you to learn real Spanish in this language academy all the teachers are native speakers. Spaniards born in Spain with a great desire to teach you. In addition to knowing the proper grammar and vocabulary, your Spanish teacher will teach you colloquial words that are widely used among Spaniards.
  • Didactic material. In Academia Contacto we have at your disposal a lot of didactic material that will help you to learn much better. You can go to the library and pick up a book in Spanish or a film. Culture is important and a perfect complement to improving your language skills. Learning Spanish is easier if you have support.
  • Successful methodology. In our Spanish school we use a successful methodology: combination of grammar classes, vocabulary classes and games classes. With all these classes you will learn Spanish, although made of different wood. We want you to enjoy learning and not get bored along the way.
  • Learning with fun. Learning Spanish is much better if you do it in a fun way. In our language academy we have different learning methods. But all of them are very funny. You will feel that the classes are short.
  • Extracurricular support. Every week we have extracurricular activities to which you can sign up to enjoy outside of school hours. Dance classes, visits to the theatre, karaoke, performances... Even tapas in the centre of Madrid! Do you think there is a more fun way to learn?

This is the best way to teach Spanish: with prepared teachers and fun classes to help you achieve your goals. Research and choose your Spanish academy.

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