Learning Spanish: modern and dynamic teaching at Academia Contacto

Here at Academia Contacto, we do our utmost to keep our courses up-to-date and provide you with an outstanding level of teaching so that you can flourish in a Spanish speaking environment and achieve your set goals.

We are constantly thinking of ways to adapt and improve so that you are in the best environment to learn Spanish in Madrid. Our teachers don’t just reply upon textbooks and rote-learning. Instead, they incorporate many fun and dynamic elements, such as conversation, discussion of current affairs, listening, writing practice and grammar consolidation.

In addition to this variety of teaching methods, Academia Contacto provides you with courses that make the most out of what technology can offer us. In this manner, you are not solely relying  on textbooks. Courses at Academia Contacto offer you so much more…

Our specialized classroom environments are installed with projectors. Nowadays this is a must to really get the best out of a language class. Our teachers will plan classes, incorporating videos from Youtube in Spanish which students will watch in class and then follow up with discussions based on the ideas evoked. Spanish music and lyrics might also form part of a class plan. Powerpoints are used at times to facilitate learning in a coherent and visually stimulating way to enhance memory.

Our teachers also pick Spanish short films, or cortometrajes in Spanish courses, so you can relax and enjoy what Spanish culture has to offer you in the comfort of the classroom as well as improve your Spanish. In addition to all of this, Academia Contacto has an abundance of internet resources to aide language-learning and vocabulary memorization in a fun way. We use sites like Kahoot, to create personalized games whereby everyone in the class can partake and compete in a relaxed atmosphere to answer questions about grammar or vocabulary. It is an amusing and distinct way of learning. 

Here at Academia Contacto, we really believe it to be crucial to move with the times and adapt.  We make the most of new technology and the latest software to give you a language-learning experience that isn’t solely textbook-based and out-of-date. Our courses are very hands-on and personal. Our teachers will ask you individually which are your strenghts and weaknesses with the language, as well as your personal goals with Spanish and about teaching styles that you like. Classes will be tailored to the needs and requests of the students, as we believe your comfort and happiness in the school to be of high importance!