A road trip in Northern Spain

In Spain there are a lot of cities where you could go, if you want to see beautiful landscapes. Spain is known for its fantastic beaches and its beautiful capital city. Usually, people go to Mediterranean beaches or to Andalusia in the south. But the north of Spain has the most incredible views in all of the country. If you are studying Spanish courses in Madrid and you have some bank holidays or a free weekend, you can go to this part of Spain.

According to winetourismspain, Getaria is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the north, located in the Bay of Biscay. We recommend you to spend a whole day in this fantastic place, and eat their fresh-caught grilled fish or “parrillada”. It is delicious and you will love it! The fish is of excellent quality. If you love wine, choose Txacoli to compliment your food, a white wine produced in the surrounding txacoli vineyards.

Castro Urdiales is a lovely seaside village in Cantabria. You can enjoy its amazing views and take a lot of photos. The fish is also incredible and the villagers are very kind. You should also visit the gothic-style church, the castle, the Roman bridge and the port.

Comillas is near to Santander and is a must-see! Comillas is a town full of history and one of the most beautiful locations in Cantabria. Historic buildings, nice beaches, lovely squares, and for Gaudi lovers, El Capricho. The Capricho is spectacular and the prices are cheap.

If you dream about going to Asturias, Cudillero is one of the small seaside villages between the sea and the mountains. You will not find a more amazing landscape. You can sunbathe and observe the mountains at the same time.

Ribadeo & Castropol are two towns between Asturias and Galicia. Closer to Ribadeo you can enjoy the impressive beach “Las Catedrales”. It is a place full of contrasts, ranging from the wealth of some mansions to more humble yet captivating fishing boats by the seaside.

In the north you will find many more beautiful and fantastic places, but if you want to rest a little from your Spanish classes and enjoy a few days relaxing, the north is the best option. It is different and very beautiful, worth the trip.