Reasons to take a Spanish course in Madrid

Learning Spanish opens up great job opportunities for you, not only in Spain but also in Latin America. Having a second language will make you much more employable and competitive in the world of work. Choosing the right language school to learn Spanish is very important. Your choice will determine what you learn in Spanish.

Taking a Spanish course in Madrid has many advantages. Madrid is the capital of a great country. It is a multicultural city with an incredible amount to offer. People from all over the world come to Madrid to learn Spanish.

Why take a Spanish course in Madrid?

People are very sociable and you will quickly make friends from Madrid. In addition to the Spanish classes, you can socialize with the people you meet and improve your vocabulary. You’ll start to speak much more fluently and will soon feel very comfortable speaking Spanish. Our teachers will teach you everything you need to know and then you can put it into practice.

Madrid is also a beautiful city with a plenty to do. You can enjoy its museums, its music, its art... Meet new people, enjoy spending time with them and learn Spanish along the way. In general, the weather in Madrid is pretty good. It is not the coldest city in Spain, and in summer it is quite hot. You will be able to enjoy many sunny days and have a beer in the sun during your time off from Spanish classes. ‘Tapas' is one of the greatest charms of Madrid, for example. Take advantage of your free time, go out with the friends you make, practice your Spanish and enjoy a good' tapas' with your new friends!

Madrid can also offer you many things you won't find anywhere else. Dare to get lost in its streets. Discover its history and culture. Meet people who speak Spanish and can help you learn. Come to Academia Contacto and choose from the different Spanish courses we have for you.

You will learn Spanish quickly and find a job where you can put it into practice. You will enjoy living in Madrid while learning in the quickest, easiest and most effective way.

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