Exercises of the level C2 of the DELE Exam

Getting your DELE certificate should be one of your priorities. Learning Spanish in Madrid gives you the opportunity to take the exam when you consider yourself ready. Most companies are looking for candidates who have the necessary qualities for their position. The DELE Exam Spanish diploma is an official qualification that accredits the degree of competence and mastery you have of the Spanish language. The diploma is awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

There are six diplomas, from level A1 to level C2 of DELE Exam, from the minimum level to the maximum level, which will accredit your knowledge and mastery of the language. DELE accreditation diplomas have international recognition and great prestige. This qualification is ideal for facilitating job promotion and access to education, both in Spain and in the other countries where the tests are taken.

Level C2 of DELE exam exercises

The diploma of the level C2 of Spanish accredits that the user has capacity of the use of the language to manage in any situation. With this, they can understand practically everything they hear or read, regardless of the length of the text, the complexity or the degree of abstraction. In addition, they can express themselves spontaneously, fluently and with great precision. Can differentiate shades of meaning even in academic and work environments.

In order to obtain the C2 diploma in Spanish, the student must pass three tests:

Test 1. Use of language, reading and listening comprehension. The student has 105 minutes to take the test. They will have to answer 52 questions. They must read and listen to some questions and answers and choose the right option.

Test 2. Integrated skills: listening and reading comprehension and written expression and interaction. The student will have 150 minutes to solve 3 tasks. The student will have to listen to some audios and respond to the correct option.

Test 3: Integrated Skills: Reading Comprehension and Oral Expression and Interaction. The student should read a text and answer questions about it. In addition, the student will be provided with a topic and must write a well-formed and argued text. The student will also have a written conversation about the topic with the examiner. You will have 20 minutes for the 3 tasks.

So, if you want to have your DELE C2 certificate you would practice your written and oral skills.

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