You are not from Madrid if…

If you are from Madrid or you have decided to come to learn Spanish in Madrid, you should know that there are some customs that will determine if you are from here or not.

One of the things that characterize people who are from Madrid is speed. If you are living in Madrid or going to Spanish school in Madrid, you have to start running. People in Madrid are always in a hurry and running around everywhere. They are very upset and you will have to adapt to their pace of life if you don't want to be run over.

You're not from Madrid if you haven't spent a Sunday in La Latina. As soon as it's a little sunny, the real people of Madrid throw themselves into the terraces of the bars. Sundays in La Latina are mythical for the people of Madrid. If you are learning Spanish in Madrid, you can’t miss the atmosphere that is formed in this area.

Nor are you from Madrid if you haven't visited each of the most famous markets: design market, engine market... These places are absolutely essential for any good Madrilenian. If you want to appear to be from Madrid, you will need to start looking for these treasures and get lost in their environment.

You're not from Madrid if you haven't had a good “cocido madrileño”. If you are studying Spanish in Madrid, it is a must to eat a good "cocido". If you don't know which restaurant you should go to to eat the best, the best thing to do is to have a friend from Madrid. It will show you the best places to party and will surely invite you to eat a good "cocido" at home.

Neither are you from Madrid if you don't know perfectly the "Búhos" (night buses). Madrid is huge and has many festive areas. Testing each and every one is practically essential. Your friend from Madrid probably doesn't mind walking half an hour from one area to another. The problem is that to get home the subway is still closed. Learn as many night buses as you can! They'll save you from more than one situation.

If what you want to prove is that coming to learn Spanish in Madrid has been worth it, you will have to drink the grapes at Puerta del Sol on the 30th. It's not the official day, but it's because the people from Madrid go to the rehearsal of the bells on the day before, and not the real day of the bells.

If you've been in your language school long enough, you've probably already noticed all these situations. If not, you know all you have to do to be a real Madrid native.