The best Spanish courses in Madrid

Madrid is one of the best cities to learn Spanish. You will find an incredible variety of courses, with different schedules and adapted to your needs. Madrid also has an incredible cultural offer. When you leave the classroom, you will be able to put your Spanish into practice by interacting in other environments and with other people.

Intensive Spanish Courses in Madrid

In order to learn Spanish quickly but effectively, we recommend that you consider taking an intensive course (or several). you will find different schedules for the intensive courses: morning and afternoon. You also have an enormous variety of hours.

  • You will find Intensive Course 20, which is one hour a day from Monday to Friday. The Intenvise course 25 is the same as the previous one, but this time you have a more daily hour in which to choose: Conversation and Preparation for the DELE exam. It's perfect if you're thinking about getting your Spanish level certificate. The Intensive course 30. As in the previous case, you have one hour of class per day and two hours more focused on what you prefer: Conversation and Preparation for the DELE exam.

Then there are two other intensive courses for those who want more results and are more demanding.

  • Intensive Course 20+5. 20 hours per week, and then combined with 1 hour daily in which you will enjoy a private lesson with the teacher. You can also enjoy, instead of an hour plus one to one, two more hours a day, one to one, with a teacher. This study system is perfect if you need to see results quickly and the teacher focuses only on you and your needs. This intensive course is called Intensive Course 20 + 10

If you have decided to come to Madrid to learn Spanish and you don't have a job yet, you can take advantage of the Intensive + Internship course. It's a wonderful way to practice all the Spanish you've learned. First of all, you will have classes in the mornings, Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:30. This will be combined with an intership in the afternoons. This way, you will discover how much you have learned and the level of Spanish you have. You will be able to enhance your learning and learn to manage yourself better in a real work environment.

You will also find courses exclusively focused on preparation for the DELE, One-to-One classes and a lot of possibilities that will help you learn Spanish.

Madrid offers you many competitive advantages. In addition to having a great time, meeting many people from different cultures and enjoying their incredible environment, choosing the right Spanish course for you will help you reach a much higher level of fluency.