Activities to do in parks of Madrid

Madrid is a great city where you can find in it many wonderful parks. In addition, many of them are prepared for sports or different activities. If you are learning Spanish in Madrid, you could take a break and clear your mind in one of its incredible corners. Don’t worry if you don’t have skates or bike. In some places you can rent it very cheaply.

El Retiro, Madrid Rio, The Temple of Debod or Casa de Campo are the most typical parks in Madrid. These places are beautiful, larges and perfects for running or doing a few sit-ups. The problem is in them there are usually more crowded. If you want to avoid as many people as possible, there are other lesser known parks.

La Dehesa de la Villa. Located to the northwest of Madrid, near the University City, the Dehesa de la Villa has managed to preserve its forest character and for this reason it is a cool place to practice sports activities. When you are doing a Spanish course in Madrid, you can enjoy this park afterclass. 

There are so many kinds of trees witch coexist in this large orchard of Madrid with squirrels and more than 70 species of birds. Although it has a character of forest, the Dehesa de la Villa is a great place to practice the "running" as it has a circuit with unevenness that facilitate aerobic exercise. It is ideal for students who live in the area, as it connects with Ciudad Universitaria.

Parque Juan Carlos I. This park was inaugurated in 1992 on the occasion of the European Capital of Culture. It has become one of the parks preferred by the people of Madrid to practice outdoor sports, walking, skating or flying kites. In addition to this, there is a free bicycle rental service that can be accessed by presenting the DNI.

The park has a lake, an auditorium, a collection of outdoor sculptures and an olive grove with some 2000 olive trees from the old olive grove of Hinojosa that stretched in these lands before the construction of the park.

El Retiro. Although it is a more typical and busy place, has a lot of activities that we can only do there. It is known as the green lung of the city as it is made up of more than 15,000 trees and 125 hectares. This park offers to the visitor a time of leisure, cultural enrichment and sport. Thousands of inhabitants of the capital of Spain choose this as their destination to practice exercise, because it gives you the opportunity to perform different activities. When you go to the Retiro you will see some cyclists and runners as well as people who practice gymnastics or move with their skates.

This park also has a space where are the exercise bars, which are used by thousands of people daily. Also, there are activities such as Tai Chi Chen and Muay Thay - martial arts - and other training modalities called bootcamp and street workout. Retiro is near your Spanish school in Madrid, Academia Contacto.