Typical Spanish Cuisine!

In Spain we have amazing gastronomy. Our dishes are very varied and delicious. If you are studying  a Spanish course, you can take some time out of studying and enjoy what the Spanish culinary scene has to offer without leaving Madrid.

In Madrid you can find all the typical dishes of each Spanish region within the confines of the city. Even so, it is obviously best to travel and discover wonderful dishes in the specific region itself whilst enjoying the surroundings and the landscape at the same time. Excellent food and beautiful sites, a winning combination!

  • Starting in the north of Spain, in Galicia you can have the best seafood you have ever eaten. The pulpo a la gallega (octopus) is a very typical and delicious dish that you have to try if you are studying in a Spanish school. Also, the Santiago Cake is a famous dessert made with almonds, sugar and hollows. You must try it and enjoy its wonderful flavor.
  • If you decide to travel to Asturias, in addition to admiring the mesmerizing  landscapes, you must give “fabada asturiana” a go! Also known as ”les fabes”. The dish is huge and you will end up very full, but it is worth it! Another interesting Asturian dish is the cachopo. If you like meat and eat a lot, this will be your favorite dish.
  • If you decide to go to Asturias to try some of their incredible dishes, you should also order cider. It is totally different from English cider, but has a unique flavor...
  • The pintxos of  País Vasco are also widely known and rightly so. Big with fresh ingredients and delicious flavor. It would be rude not to...
  • Rice dishes are typical in Mediterranean gastonomy. If during the summer months you are taking some Spanish classes, the best way to mix work and play is to go to the Mediterranean and enjoy its variety of rice. Depending on the city, you will eat different specialities. For example, if you are in Valencia, you should eat “Paella Valenciana”. It’s one of the most typical dishes in Spain and everyone loves it. Rice with lobster and mellow rice is the specialty of the Balearic Islands.
  • The “salmorejo”, “gazpacho” and “tapas” are the most typical dishes in Andalucía, in the south of the country. For very little money you can enjoy some really delicious tapas. Andalucía is very cheap and has delicious dishes.  Make the most of your time and try as much as you can.  A tip: Summer in the south can be incredibly hot! Perhaps going at a different time of year wouldn't be a bad idea ;) In Córdoba the temperature reaches 47 degrees.
  • In the capital of Spain: Madrid, you must try “cocido madrileño”, “churros with chocolate, and Spanish omelette.

If you are taking a Spanish course make the most out of the incredible gastronomy that Spain has to offer. Take a break from your Spanish classes and enjoy the good food.