A perfect Sunday in Madrid

You need time to relax! We want show you can after clases in our Spanish school. But you need to disconnect too. As we have told you before, in order to learn Spanish you should know the culture and the city too. Madrid is a great place, because you´ll partake in activities almost every day. But Sundays are more special. There are many places to visit, plenty of interesting people. Meeting other Spanish citizens can help you to brush up your Spanish, and put into practice all the things you´ve learned in your Spanish course. Then, here we go, with the most interesting plans for a perfect Sunday in Madrid.

El Rastro

Once a week, ‘El Rastro’ occupies the whole Ribera de Curtidores Street in Madrid. Close to ‘La Latina’, this area will be full of ‘little stores’ in the middle of the street. It is the main street market in Spain. You can buy here whatever you want. And the prices are very good.

Mercado de La Cebada

Near El Rastro (you can walk from this place), you´ll find ‘El Mercado de La Cebada’. It is not the biggest Mercado in Madrid, but we love it. It is in the city center, but it is not so crowded. Moreover, you´ll discover the best seafood on the second floor. There are two market stalls. In the second one you can buy fresh seafood and fish to eat there and then, with a beer in hand or a glass of wine. Great prices here! And a nice area! The owner speaks a lot… An excellent opportunity to practice Spanish! :)

[caption id="attachment_19386" align="alignright" width="360"] De losmininos - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5400211[/caption]

Madrid de los Austrias

After the lunch, you can walk around ‘El Madrid de los Austrias’. Narrow streets, bars and historical buildings. A perfect walk to know a little bit more about this part of Madrid. There are a few free tours which run through this area. The most important writers and famous persons in the past lived in this part of the city. Therefore, you´ll discover very interesting stories.

A ‘Bocata de Calamares’

In our opinion, it is not the best traditional food in Madrid. It is a must! You have to taste it, and decide if you want to repeat in the future.  A ‘caña’ is the perfect partner for a ‘Bocata de Calamares’.  Afterwards, walk a little bit more before you go home. And that’s all. Tomorrow you have to continue your Spanish lessons, and you have to be fresh and ready to learn ;)