The best places to take pictures in Madrid

OK! You are here to learn Spanish. But you can take advantage of studying Spanish in Madrid to take up many other things.

Are you a fan of photography?

Well, Madrid is not only a vibrant city; it is a beautiful one too. There are a lot of interesting museums, an abundance of squares with fountains and monuments (sometimes crowded), gardens for walking or running; and all serve as amazing sites to take a couple of excellent pictures.

Once your Spanish classes are done for the day, it´s a good idea to walk around the city centre and take a picture in some of the most renowned places. Below, are five of the most note-worthy:

  1. Puerta del Sol. The heart of Madrid. If you walk around the square, you will take some fabulous photos. Here you have the most important clock in Spain. Around it, citizens celebrate New Years in a spectacular fashion. Normally, you can find all different kinds of people and an eclectic mix of historic facades and modern shops, like the Apple Store.

    puerta del sol

  2. Mercado de San Miguel. This place is perfect to taste good tapas, for lunch or  just a snack. But this is not a restaurant or a normal market. This is a special place. Sometimes it is crowed, but it is not just a tourist hot-spot. Local people love Mercado de San Miguel too. You can taste great food like paella, fish, hamburgers , etc. and you can eat on a table with natural light,… A perfect place to take ´foodie' photos of the most modern and delightful ‘tapas’. The structure of the market creates a different atmosphere for your pictures.
  3. La Latina. Ten minutes walking from Mercado de San Miguel, one of the most popular districts in Madrid. Several streets with bars, pubs and restaurants, with all kinds of people and all ages. Indeed, the variety of people is what makes La Latina so special. Historical buildings and narrow streets allow you priceless photo opportunities.
  4. Museo del Prado. If you come to learn Spanish in Madrid you must visit this museum. Give yourself a few hours to thoroughly enjoy all the old and new art. Museo del Prado is free on Sundays. You can take photos inside and outside the museum. If you are a lover of art, there are two museums close by: Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía. But we recommend going on different days.
  5. Parque del Retiro. The park of Madrid. With its 350 acres, this is the place for relaxing, running, cycling, walking, yoga lessons, riding boats and… taking a good picture, of course! Say goodbye to city pollution, and discover the secrets through the lens of your camera.

retiro boats

As you can see, Madrid is the perfect place to learn Spanish, enjoy the city, meet people and visit amazing, historical sites! And of course, you can capture all of it with your camera!

Images by Carlos Delgado CC BY-SA 3.0, Enlace