The importance of learning Spanish with a native teacher

One of the points that can make the difference when you want to learn Spanish is the teacher.  Choose a native teacher to learn Spanish. It brings greater professionalism and quality. In Academia Contacto all our teachers are native and qualified, as experts recommend that it is the best option to learn Spanish.

Choosing a native teacher in a Spanish academy will provide you with benefits compared to standard learning. It can help us learn the language in a real and practical way, without the boring traditional procedures. New learning methods allow native Spanish teachers to be the perfect choice no matter what your level is.

Why choose a native teacher for learning Spanish

Let's see why choosing a native Spanish teacher is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

  • You will learn authentic Spanish. Having a native Spanish teacher is a great advantage. It will teach you the Spanish that is spoken on a day-to-day basis. You will also learn slang and the most common words used in the language. In other words, you will have a more fluent vocabulary, more at street level and much more important than the one learned in the traditional method.
  • Native teachers can identify mistakes made by students in context and grammar during Spanish classes. Spanish is very complicated and detecting mistakes quickly is the best option.
  • You will learn better the comprehension of the verbs. In Spanish there are many verb tenses and forms. Irregular verbs are often complicated for students. Learning Spanish with a native teacher is the best way to simplify learning.
  • Use of language and accent. You will learn correct pronunciation and your native teacher will pay close attention to detail.
  • You will learn to understand strange phrases and expressions. There are expressions that, if you don't know them, you probably won't use them well. The native teacher will teach you the expressions so that you speak like an authentic Spanish.

We recommend that you look for native teachers if you are going to study Spanish. It is a very rich and nuanced language.
In our academy we bet on native teachers, with whom you will be able to learn the language very well. You will also acquire a lot of vocabulary and a good accent when speaking.

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