Tips to learning Spanish faster

Spanish is a complicated language. It has many verb tenses and a large amount of vocabulary. Also, although many words follow rules, there are many exceptions that make it complicated.

If you are lucky and your mother tongue is French or Italian, you will probably learn Spanish more easily. If your mother tongue is not similar to it, here are a few tips to learning Spanish faster.

Tips to learning Spanish 

Word groups can be one of the best tips we'll give you. The brain handles small blocks of information better than isolated information. That's why it's best to create groups of 5 to 7 words. Read them several times and take time with each word. After a short break, start with the next group.  After a short break you can start with the next group. You should not try to memorize more than 30-35 new words a day. Before you go to sleep, repeat what you have learned. Also, it connects even better with the last thing we have read.

Learn Spanish in Spain. Going abroad to live has always been one of the best options to learn a language quickly. If you want to learn Spanish, we recommend moving to Madrid. Sign up for a language school where you can study and do an internship at the same time. The results will be really amazing.

Movies and books in Spanish. Reading in Spanish or watching movies and series will help you gain fluency and a better accent. You will expand your vocabulary and learn new words and phrases every day. Everyday expressions are learned very well by watching series!

Spanish course in Madrid for a good learning

Find yourself a native friend. If you have decided to go to Spain to learn Spanish, try talking to a native. He will teach you how to pronounce certain phrases and you will even learn local slang.

Learn the words in semantic groups. For example, you can learn words that belong to the group "professions" or "transports". You'll see how much easier it is this way. Every day you can try different groups.

Be patient and distribute your time well. You must understand that it's impossible to do everything at once. The best thing is to distribute your time well. Study in short periods but every day. Try to watch regular TV series or read a bit of a book every day. That way you will know what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are.

If you follow these tips, you will gradually see that the time you invest in learning Spanish is much more productive.

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