DELE exam to obtain Spanish nationality

DELE exam is the most prestigious test to prove your knowledge of Spanish.  In our academy we prepare all levels and we advise you on the exercises, types of examinations etc. We have classes adapted to all levels so that you can pass the exam. In addition, we will inform you about the dates, news, etc. But also, if you want to obtain the Spanish nationality you must take some exams, and one of them is DELE exam

If you want to know how to get Spanish nationality or information about these exams, you can call us without obligation and we will advise you.

Exams and tests for obtaining Spanish nationality

To obtain Spanish nationality it is compulsory to pass the following tests:

- The exam to obtain the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE level A2) or higher (This exam is compulsory only for non-Spanish speaking candidates).

- The CCSE test (Constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain), which accredits knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the Spanish social and cultural reality.

Registration for the DELE exams can be done at the following link: DELE REGISTRATION

To register for the DELE and CCSE exams, you must register on the website:
Here you can find the instructions on how to register for the DELE and CCSE exams

At our Spanishacademy, in addition to giving you Spanish classes, we prepare you for these exams. We also advise you about the inscriptions and help you to take them. In order to properly prepare for these exams, it is first necessary to know what level you have. In our academy we have classes of all levels. To get the nationality, you must pass the DELE level 2. We also inform you about the next dates in order to introduce you.

After the pandemic, they have changed and some levels are after the summer. These are the official dates.



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