Tips to learning Spanish faster

tips for learning Spanish Spanish is a complicated language. It has many verb tenses and a large amount of vocabulary. Also, although many words follow rules, there are many exceptions that make it complicated.If you are lucky and your mother tongue is French or Italian, you will probably learn Spanish more easily. If your mother tongue is not similar […]

How Spaniards speak: popular expressions

popular expressions in Spanish If you are learning Spanish, surely one of the most complicated things to learn are the expressions of the Spanish people. The way the Spanish speak is curious. They use many expressions and set phrases. You probably have trouble understanding them sometimes. Most likely they are using expressions. That’s why we’re going to tell you […]

How you can register for the DELE exam

register for DELE exam If you are learning Spanish, you will probably want to pass the DELE Exam. The DELE Exam is the exam that certifies your level of Spanish. It is official from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Companies ask for it when hiring candidates.In order to take the exam you must register for the […]

Madrid plans: where to go skiing

plans in Madrid Madrid is a city of contrasts. In summer it reaches temperatures of 40 degrees. While during the winter, the low temperatures mean one thing: snow.Navacerrada, La Pinilla or Valdesquí are the most famous snow slopes in Madrid. If you are looking for plans in Madrid, go up the mountain to ski a little. It’s a […]

How many hours do you need for learning Spanish?

learning Spanish Learning Spanish, like any other language, is a complicated task that requires time and dedication. Can you learn Spanish in a short time? Well, it depends. It depends on what you consider “little time” you can invest many hours concentrated in a month or less hours distributed throughout the year.According to the Foreign Service Institute […]
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