Advantages of studying in our Spanish academy

Spanish academy Learning in our Spanish academy is a good idea.  Study in Spain is one of the best ways to study while having a great time. Spain is known for having a wonderful climate, exquisite gastronomy and being one of the most festive places in the world. That’s why signing up for a Spanish course in […]

Spanish vocabulary: word “estrenar”

Spanish vocabulary If you are learning Spanish, you have probably already noticed that it is a language with a lot of vocabulary. In Spain there are many synonyms and the same word has several meanings. However, when we decide to create a phrase in another language, instead of thinking in that language, we usually translate from our […]

Most important activities in our Spanish academy

activities in our Spanish academy If you are thinking of coming to Madrid to learn Spanish in a Spanish academy, you should know that Academia Contacto will never allow you to be bored. We have a lot of activities, during classes and in your free time, for you to enjoy. You will meet new and wonderful people, put your Spanish […]

Spanish in the world

Spanish in the world Learning Spanish can open many doors for you to work. Spanish is the second language with the most native speakers in the world. It is also the second most learned language as a second language. That’s why any company that wants to expand internationally will require its employees to be able to speak Spanish. If […]

Spanish course: how to accentuate it

Spanish course how to accentuate Spanish has become one of the most popular languages to learn in recent years.  More and more companies are asking for this language as their main or second language. For this reason is a good idea come to Spain for doing a Spanish course. However, Spanish can be complicated. In addition to all verb forms […]
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