Advantages of receiving private classes in Spanish

private classes in Spanish Private lessons in Spanish can be a good idea to learn faster. Having individual classes helps you to understand the grammar and expressions better, although it is also true that classes with other classmates helps comprehension and conversation.Therefore, individual Spanish classes have their advantages, as well as group classes. It all depends on your objectives, […]

Spanish curiosities that you probably don’t know about

spanish curiosities According to the Cervantes Institute, the number of Spanish speakers could reach 724 million by 2068.  There are currently 534 million Spanish speakers. Of this number, 460 million are native speakers. This indicates that more than 6% of the world’s population is a native speaker of the language.So, we are talking about one of the […]

Typical autumn dishes in Spain

autumn dishes in Spain As you know, the gastronomy in Spain is very rich and varied. One of the reasons to travel to Spain is to taste its dishes. But if you are studying Spanish it is much easier, since you will be able to try many more dishes and in different places.The best way to enjoy the best […]

How to celebrate Halloween in Madrid

Halloween in Madrid Halloween is not a typical holiday in Spain, but over the years it has been gaining popularity and parties and other plans are being organized to enjoy this night. As you know, the passage from October to November is one of the darkest nights of the year, which is associated with the presence of spirits, […]
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