Origin and history of the letter ñ

letter ñ Today we are going to talk about the origin and history of the letter ñ. It is the most curious and genuine letter in Spanish.There are many words that contain this letter in Spanish. It is an emblem of the language and culture of Spain. Niño, muñeca, moño, meñique, mañana, cariño… are just a few […]

The noun in Spanish: types, classes and uses

noun in Spanish Spanish nouns play a very important role in everyday conversations. The Real Academia Española defines nouns in this way: “A word with inherent gender that designates persons, animals or things and is capable of functioning as the nucleus of the subject”. In short, nouns are words that are used to refer to people, places, things or […]

Advantages of receiving private classes in Spanish

private classes in Spanish Private lessons in Spanish can be a good idea to learn faster. Having individual classes helps you to understand the grammar and expressions better, although it is also true that classes with other classmates helps comprehension and conversation.Therefore, individual Spanish classes have their advantages, as well as group classes. It all depends on your objectives, […]
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