What is the hardest part of studying Spanish?

hardest part of studying Spanish Spanish is a rich and complex language. The vocabulary and grammar in particular are very extensive, so it is common for foreigners who want to learn it to have some difficulties. One of the main reasons why students want to learn Spanish is that it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the […]

Student guide: keys to start studying at our academy

student guide As soon as you enroll with us, you’ll receive our student guide!There, you’ll find all the important information about your stay in Madrid and our school Academia Contacto.First, we will give you all the details about the public transports in Madrid, taxi services and how to get to the center from the airport! At the […]

Recommended restaurants to go to in Madrid

restaurants to go to in Madrid Madrid has an impressive gastronomic offer, which we believe, is one of the best ways to get to know the city, after several trips to the capital, we want to leave you a selection of restaurants where to eat in Madrid, which we are sure, will not disappoint you. If you are coming to study or […]

Your first day with us in Academia Contacto

Spanish academy First day at school? Nervous? Don’t worry, your experience is about to begin, and you’ll LOVE IT!First thing and the most important: come a little bit earlier on your first day (about 20/30 minutes before your course starts). We receive a few new students every Monday in Academia Contacto and we want to show you around […]

How to prepare for the C1 DELE exam?

C1 DELE exam The DELE exam is a Spanish official exam and, good news! You can take it in our school Academia Contacto!Why should you take the DELE C1 exam?You will need it if you want to apply for a job in Spain, or just to prove that your Spanish level is really C1.How is the C1 DELE […]
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