Activities in our Spanish academy this week

activities in our Spanish academy At Academia Contacto we take the training of our students very seriously. Therefore, every week we have different activities in our Spanish academy that help to improve the learning of Spanish. The activities are fun and motivating and help all students to learn Spanish in an entertaining way. If you like dancing, singing, meeting people […]

Grammar in a Spanish course: the noun

grammar in a Spanish course Grammar is a fundamental part of Spanish courses. Learning grammar is essential to be able to formulate sentences. Grammar is also important to understand how to form sentences. The noun is the word used to name objects. One of the most important things you will learn in a Spanish course is to use the noun.Names […]

Everything we offer in our Spanish academy

Spanish academy If you are looking for a Spanish academy, it is important to give priority to some aspects over others. It is important that the school has qualified and native teachers, that it has a variety of courses and that the classes are fun and entertaining.Learning Spanish is becoming essential. There are more and more speakers. […]

How the DELE exam is scored

DELE exam is scored If you have decided to learn Spanish in Madrid, you will probably want to take the DELE exam. First of all, DELE Spanish Certificate is an official title, certifying the degree of knowledge and mastery of the Spanish language. This title is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. In addition to […]

These are our intensive Spanish courses

intensive Spanish courses Starting a new year means making new resolutions. And what better purpose for 2019 than to learn Spanish?  At Academia Contacto we have many Spanish courses in Madrid for you to learn quickly and efficiently. You will see how quickly you learn what is necessary and start to develop better.Learning Spanish is one of the […]

Upcoming dates for the DELE exam

DELE exam If you are learning Spanish in Madrid, your aim will probably be to obtain the DELE exam certificate. In this exam, you will have to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of Spanish. More and more companies are looking for foreign candidates with a high level of Spanish. The best way to show that you are […]
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