DELE Exam Level A2: tests and exercises

DELE exam level A2 If you are learning Spanish, you will want to take the DELE exam. It is an exam that proves that the candidate has the right knowledge for his or her level. Depending on the level, the exam will be simpler or more complicated.The DELE Exam Level A2 certifies that the candidate can understand everyday phrases […]

Spanish grammar: Synonyms

Spanish synonyms Spanish is a very rich language with a lot of vocabulary. So much so that it has a large number of words that are synonymous. If you are learning Spanish, learning synonyms will make it look like you have a much higher level.Do you know what synonyms are? Could you say a few? In Academia […]

The most common mistakes when learning Spanish

mistakes when learning Spanish If you have decided to come to Spain to learn Spanish, you should know that Spanish is one of the most complex languages. It is a very rich language. Precisely this makes it a very beautiful language, but also difficult to learn. It has many verb tenses, irregular verbs, grammatical and orthographic expressions and rules […]

How are accommodations for our Spanish courses?

accomodations Coming to learn Spanish in Spain is one of the best options to ensure good knowledge. Going to live abroad is always the best way to learn. In addition, you will get to know a very different culture, enjoy the sun, the beaches, the mountains and delicious gastronomy. Spain is an incredible country where people […]

Tips for preparing for the A1 DELE exam

A1 level of the DELE exam If you are learning Spanish, you will surely want to pass the DELE Exam. This exam proves that you have the right knowledge of the Spanish language. More and more companies are applying for this qualification from their foreign employees. For this reason, at Academia Contacto we tell you the keys to pass the A1 […]

The best beaches in Spain

the best beaches in Spain If Spain stands out for anything, apart from its delicious food, it is for its incredible beaches. Spain has a coastline on three of its four sides. The northern ones are greener and cooler, while the south has the highest levels of heat. The Mediterranean becomes the perfect option for both Spaniards and foreigners to […]
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