DELE exam with us

DELE exam with us It doesn’t matter if you need a DELE certificate for work, studies, bureaucracy or if you only want it to prove your Spanish level, DELE exam is an official Spanish exam, really easy to take, and more important: really easy to prepare with us!We are an examination center for DELE exams so you can easily […]

The best series to learn Spanish and improving vocabulary

learn Spanish and improving vocabulary Many Spaniards learn English thanks to the American series. Series such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Emergency have done more for the English of the Spanish than many schools. Although our Spanish language school is very focused on practice and you will learn the language very well, watching series is very good additional […]

Practice Spanish: the most used words at Christmas

words at Christmas Do you want to practice Spanish? Are you going to spend Christmas in Spain? These are the words you will hear most often at Christmas if you live in Spain.The most used words at Christmas in SpainNavidad is Christmas.Papá Noel is Santa Claus.Portal de Belén i the Nativity secene., and and it is the same […]

Typical Spanish Christmas traditions

Spanish typical traditions Christmas in Spain is a time for family togetherness, rest and, for many, a time for reflection. This period of the year is one of the main celebrations of Christianity and is celebrated every 25th December commemorating the birth of Jesus. But Christmas is celebrated in Spain beyond religion. These are very important dates, when […]
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