Reasons to come and study in Spain this summer

study in Spain this summer If you are thinking of coming to study in Spain this summer it is a great idea. It seems that after the pandemic, travel is more allowed. Many of the borders have already opened and it is an ideal time to make a trip of this kind. A trip to study Spanish at our academy […]

Get ready for the A2 DELE exam

A2 DELE exam Our school Academia Contacto is an official examination center.  Let’s see everything about the A2 DELE exam. The first thing you have to know is that the exam consists of four parts. On the official examination day you’ll take the first three parts for 2 hours and 55 minutes (including 30 minutes break).This is the timetable of […]

The best beaches in Spain to enjoy this summer

best beaches in Spain In the summer season in our country, beach destinations are the most sought after. Spain has beaches to suit all tastes: wilder, more urban, in more secluded places, in the heart of cities, etc. If you are coming to study Spanish, you must visit some of the best beaches in Spain this summer. Depending on […]

Reasons to study Spanish this summer

study Spanish this summer Studying Spanish with us this summer is a great idea. Learning a new language is always a wise decision. Besides, Spanish is one of the most important and widely spoken languages in the world. But studying a language doesn’t have to be a boring or difficult task, we have study programmes for you to have […]

How is the C2 DELE exam?

C2 DELE exam The DELE exam is THE Spanish official exam and, good news! You can take it in our school Academia Contacto!Why should you take the DELE C2 exam? You will need it if you want to prove you have the highest possible level in Spanish.How is the C2 DELE exam?It consists of 3 partsThe first 2 […]
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