What a Spanish academy must have to be good?

To learn Spanish you have to find the best language academy. Learning languages is important to improve your job skills. But it also opens up more possibilities for you. It allows you to travel and get to know new cultures. You will discover wonderful people. You will have great experiences... Knowing a language other than your mother language makes you more cultured, more fun and more sociable.

When looking for a Spanish academy, you may have doubts. Learning Spanish in Madrid is a great idea. However, there are many academies and not all of them offer the same thing. At Academia Contacto we are always looking for the best from you. In addition, we prepare you to take the official accredited Spanish exam: DELE Exam

Qualities of a good Spanish academy

If you are looking for a Spanish academy, make sure it has at least 5 of these qualities.

  1. Qualified and native Spanish teachers.

One of the first things to look out for is that the academy has native and qualified teachers. This way, you can be sure that your learning is good. If the teachers are of high quality, your learning is sure to be too.

  1. The history of the Spanish academy

Search the Internet for information. If there are good opinions about the academy, they will surely offer a good service. On the Internet you will find everything related to the academy.

  1. Official certificates

It is important that the academy allows you to take official language exams. For example, at Academia Contacto we have a course for the DELE Exam with which you will prepare to achieve the best qualification. We prepare you and take you to the exam.

  1. Learning Methodology

Make sure that the methodology they use in class is adequate. It should be based on variety: time for vocabulary, grammar and oral expression. Classes are much more enjoyable and provide full learning.

  1. Class size

The smaller the number of students, the better. Learning will be easier. There will be more time for questions and classes will be more focused on your needs.

  1. Extra activities

At Academia Contacto, in addition to your course classes, every day of every week you have extracurricular activities. You can go dancing, sing in a karaoke or do a language exchange - take advantage of this opportunity!

  1. Facilities of the centre.

Find out if the academy has a library where you can check out a reading book or video store to check out a movie. See if it has computer rooms, cafe... All those things that you consider important.

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