Tips to make studying Spanish easier

Learning a language is not just about studying and studying, it can and should also be fun. So that you can learn Spanish in an easier way I have compiled some tips and tricks for you.

Our brain can handle small homogeneous blocks of information much better than a single thing. Always create small groups of 5-7 words and read them several times. Take your time, 45 to 60 seconds per word. After a short break you can start with the next group. You should not try to memorize more than 30-35 new words per day.

Follow these tips and you will learn Spanish easier

Before going to sleep, repeat what you have learned for 10 to 15 minutes, this will make you learn while you sleep. When we sleep your subconscious connects especially with the last experience of the day. Everything you have learned will be reinforced without you realizing it.

Even television or radio in Spanish is very useful, as long as you understand it, as it encourages your interest in the language.

Reading is also important. Try to read Spanish texts at your leisure. You don't need to understand everything because, simply by reading, you will feel more comfortable with the language.

To motivate yourself you must first set goals. These should be ambitious, but always realistic. Set small goals that will lead you to your main objective, once you achieve them you will feel more motivated. It is also very useful to combine study with positive thoughts.

Music is also a very useful tool. It is a lot of fun, you will learn more about grammatical structures and improve your listening comprehension.

Don't be afraid to speak in another language because you feel insecure. No one will get annoyed with you, quite the contrary. The most important thing is to say something. Cheer up, learn from your mistakes!

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