Spanish synonymous

The Spanish synonymous is really important in its vocabulary. Spanish is a language very rich . It has a large number of synonyms that you can use to demonstrate your Spanish level. Take your dictionary of synonyms to your Spanish classes and learn a couple of words every day. You'll find that changing a few words will make you expand your vocabulary and seem to have a much higher level.

Take advantage of the fact that you are learning Spanish to learn a couple of new words. I'm sure your teacher will be surprised. You can also ask her/his if a word can be said differently.

The Spanish synonymous: the high Spanish level

Spanish, despite the difficulty of its verb tenses, is the second most spoken language in the world and also the most studied. More and more people are deciding to start learning Spanish. Studying synonyms will make you stand out from the rest of your classmates.

How many words do you use to say "dirty"? In Spanish, you can use: descuidado, desaseado, puerco, inmundo, mugriento, guarro, asqueroso, cochino, contaminado, cochambroso, pringoso, embarrado, enlodado, grasiento, manchado, churretoso, hediondo. Hos Spanish synonymous!

It's a lot of words and, although you won't learn them all, you can use some to surprise in your Spanish course in Madrid.

When you're writing, knowing synonymous will make your essay look childish. It will give you an elegant touch and some superior knowledge. When you read a text that is too repetitive, the author loses your confidence and you think he or she is not a person with great knowledge. The linguistic richness will make the coach be surprised by your level of Spanish when looking for a job.

When you say that you are surprised, you can use different words in Spanish. The word surprised is very well, but you can also use astonished (pasmado), fascinated (fascinado), delighted (deleitado), alarmed (alarmado)…

When you play word games, you'll be the person with the most knowledge. That is to say, in addition to engaging in more interesting and serious conversations, you will be able to enjoy more if you learn Spanish correctly.

Talk to the teacher at your Spanish school. Tell him you want to learn Spanish synonymous and be surprised how much fun it is.

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