Looking for a Spanish academy?

When you are looking for a language school to learn Spanish, it is normal that you have many questions. Finding the perfect academy requires research. That's why at Academia Contacto we want to answer all your questions, so that it's easier to choose!

What we offer at our Spanish academy

Choosing a good Spanish academy is an important issue. At Academia Contacto all our teachers are native speakers. They will teach you the language to perfection, even telling you the typical idioms of each city.

In addition to learning grammar and vocabulary, you will have plenty of conversation. This helps a lot to improve your pronunciation and learn to intonate correctly. Besides, the people of Madrid are really fun! So the classes won't be boring at all. You'll laugh a lot while you learn with games.

The Spanish courses are completely adapted to all levels. When you arrive at the language school, we will give you a placement test. Then we'll know which group you should be in. If you have all your free time, you can sign up for an intensive course, from Monday to Friday, where you will have several hours of classes. It all depends on the course you choose. Intensive Spanish courses can be completed with a couple of extra one-to-one hours in which you will have a native Spanish teacher exclusively for you.

If you are working, perhaps your best option is to give a couple of classes a week. The standard Spanish courses are what you need on this occasion. You also have the option to choose the Intensive course + an internship period. You will learn Spanish at our Spanish academy and then put it into practice in a good company. In this way, your knowledge is more focused and you take advantage of your free time.

If you are not interested in group classes, Academia Contacto also offers individual Spanish classes. You will have your own private tutor with whom you will learn very quickly. We also have DELE preparation classes to ensure that you get your certificate as soon as possible.

Learning Spanish with fun

In addition to the typical courses, at our Spanish academy  we have extra-curricular activities. You will be able to enjoy meetings in which you will exchange languages and get to know new cultures. We also organize a day of tapas in the centre of Madrid, poetry recitals, plays and bars, everything you can imagine and much more! Because at Academia Contacto we also know how to have a great time.

Are you passionate about dancing? You can watch real shows or dance for yourself. Whatever you prefer! If you want to feel like a real star... You can pick up the microphone and enjoy an afternoon of karaoke to the max. Is there anything better?

Academia Contacto has a wonderful location. We are located in the heart of Madrid, very close to the metro of Iglesia. All around you will find a lot of houses for rent. You can rent a room near the best places in Madrid.

 It's a very good neighbourhood. It has nightlife, many bars and residential areas. It also has all the amenities: supermarkets, gyms, subways, many bus lines and delicious places to eat. You will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of madrid when you leave your Spanish classes. What better way to put it into practice? You will meet wonderful people and discover real hidden treasures.

In addition, the "ghost station" of the Madrid metro is very close by and you want to know what its history is? You can ask your teacher about your Spanish classes. This way, you will learn a lot more about the city you are going to live in.

At Academia Contacto we take your learning very seriously, but we also want you to enjoy it!