The parties you will attend if you come to Madrid for a Spanish course

Madrid is a city with many leisure options. If you're thinking of doing a Spanish course in Madrid, you'll find lots of activities on the weekend - with so many options it's impossible to get bored! So if you're looking for a language school, Madrid is a great city where you'll have a great time.

Madrid is one of the cities in the world with the most complete agenda. In addition to art exhibitions, football matches and concerts, Madrid is one of the capitals with the highest number of festivals and has become a reference in musical matters. 

So, between Spanish courses and Spanish courses, you will be able to enjoy different music festivals of different styles! Let's see what the next festivals are, so you don't miss anything and enjoy the ones you like the most!

The best music festivals in Madrid

On Saturday 8 September you have a date with two of the best festivals. If this year it catches you a little fair, don't worry. You can think about signing up for a Spanish course until next year, and attend in 2019. You'll see how much fun! The "DCODE" is a Hindi music festival in which artists such as Imagine Dragons, IZAL, Bastille, Sidonie, The Vaccines, Kakkmaddafakka, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro or Sidonie play. In the centre of the capital! Quite a luxury and a lot of partying.

The festival "Amanecer bailando" (Dawn dancing) also takes place on the 8th. It is a festival of Rap, Techno and Trap in which some of the best artists of the musical panorama perform. A unique atmosphere in a very wide venue!

On September 14 and 15 you have an appointment with the third edition of GetMad! Festival will be held on 14 and 15 September in Madrid. An atmosphere of Punk, Rock, Hard Rock and Psicodelia music in one of the main halls in the centre of the capital. If you are learning Spanish in Madrid, you can't miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the best festivals!

And, of course, if there is something famous in Madrid, it is the festivals of its neighbourhoods. 12 October is the festival of "La Virgen del Pilar" (The Virgin of the Pillar).  That's why in the Barrio del Pilar the most expected festivities of the whole year are celebrated. You can't miss the opportunity! The Spanish course has already started and you will have your holiday. That's why you'll be able to enjoy the incredible experience offered by the neighbourhood's fiestas. Fun attractions, music and lots of atmosphere.

These are the closest events but, logically, something happens every weekend in MAdrid. You will always find a new party, in different rooms and in different neighborhoods. Studying Spanish in Madrid will open up a world of possibilities you can't even imagine.

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