How long do you need for learning Spanish?

Studying a new language is wonderful. In addition, learning Spanish, in particular, will improve your career options. Spanish is one of the best spoken languages, so don't think about it! If you are willing to put in the work, with time and enthusiasm, it will take no time to improve your Spanish.

Learning Spanish will depend on three things. First, your attitude. The second one is the time you spend studying Spanish. And, of course, the attitude of our teachers. All teachers in Academia Contacto are native speakers. In other words, you will learn quickly and effectively if you pay the necessary attention.

Factors affecting learning Spanish

When it comes to learning a language, there are a many important factors. At our Spanish school we explain what they are.

One of the first factors to consider is your level. We will carry out a level test to select the class that best suits you. In this way, the classes will be completely adapted.
Your enthusiasm. Attending class, doing the exercises and talking when necessary is essential. The student has to make an effort in class. Learning a language is complicated, but with dedication you can achieve it. It is essential that the student is motivated.
Patience. People are very impatient. It is important to be patient with languages. It also takes a lot of practice and consistency.  Each day you will learn something new, but you will need to review it over the next few days.

Tips to learning Spanish better and faster

Like everything else in life, there are tricks that make learning Spanish easier.

  • The best (and most effective) trick is to talk to a native speaker. Spending hours exchanging phrases with a native speaker will help you gain fluency, learn expressions and improve your intonation. If you get to spend time with a native, you'll learn very quickly. That's why the intensive Spanish courses are so recommended. It's quite a few hours a day, which improves fluency and learning.
  • Another pretty good trick is to watch movies in Spanish. At first you can put subtitles in your language. As your Spanish improves, it is advisable to put them in Spanish. There will come a day when you won't need subtitles.
  • Just like movies, For practice your Spanish is really good reading books in Spanish or listening to music in Spanish too.
  • To have the help of great professionals. At Academia Contacto we have highly qualified teachers. All are native and will put their efforts to get the best out of yourself.


With these little tricks and devoting the necessary time, learning Spanish is much easier. Sign up for a Spanish course and you'll see how quickly you can improve.