Learning Spanish

Spanish course Puzzled by the pluscuamperfecto? Confused by the conditional? Infuriated by the imperative? An intensive Spanish course could be the solution, as Ash Bolton found out…After four years of living in Spain, I’ll hold my hand up and say my Spanish is far from fluent.Although it’s at a comfortable conversation level (level B2 I´ll have you […]

Typical Spanish Cuisine!

food Spain In Spain we have amazing gastronomy. Our dishes are very varied and delicious. If you are studying  a Spanish course, you can take some time out of studying and enjoy what the Spanish culinary scene has to offer without leaving Madrid.In Madrid you can find all the typical dishes of each Spanish region within the […]

A Brit Abroad

Madrid Spanish Classes It’s been a couple of weeks since I first arrived in Madrid. I’m having an excellent time at Academia Contacto, learning Spanish, and lots of new things in a short space of time and having the opportunity to meet like-minded open and interesting people from all over the world. It truly is an enriching experience. That […]

How is a night out in Madrid?

Spanish party Madrid Madrid could be named the city that never sleeps, because every day you can enjoy nightclubs, discos and pubs with lots of people and good music. If you are learning Spanish in Madrid and you want to rest, you have different options for going out, depending on what you are looking for.The most popular areas […]

Curious aspects of the Spanish Language

Spanish Classes So, you have decided to learn Spanish! Spanish is a beautiful and incredibly useful language to study and use. It has an interesting history and has secured a solid place in the business world of the near future. Indeed, by 2050, there are predicted to be 600 million Spanish speakers worldwide. Hopefully with a bit […]

Academia Contacto in the national news!

Spanish school newspaper We appeared in the Spanish Media! Two very important national media corporations have mentioned us and our language courses. They investigate and talk about how small businesses are facing the summer months.  The steps we have followed to improve our Academy are also mentioned. One of the media platforms, Cinco Días, spoke about the enormous amount […]
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