Beach in Madrid?

As the musical group of The Refrescos said, “There is no beach here”. Madrid has a unique charm. Getting lost in the center streets is so wonderful. Its people are incomparable. It has one of the best nightlife in Spain and is a city full of possibilities. But in summer all his people flees to the coast to spend a few days at sea.

One of the best kept secrets of Madrid is that Madrid does have a beach! It is possible to rest from your Spanish classes and have a good bath in Madrid. We have natural swimming pools with pure mountain melting water, swamps where you can practice water sports and rivers and lakes with a lawn so green that nothing can envy the annoying sand of the coast.

  •  The presillas of Rascafría. In Valle del Paular you will find the natural pools of Rascafría. The water here is so crystalline that you can see the bottom without any difficult, although it is so complicated to hold much time inside it because it is very cold. After you Spanish course in Madrid, you can decide to go to the Presillas and have a good bath. The area is divided into three pools located in the channel of the Lozoya River. The entrance is free and free and the price of parking is 5€ per car and per day. It opens every day during the summer from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and has tables, kiosks, toilets and litter bins. It’s a great option to enjoy a bath in the middle of the nature.
  •  The swamp of San Juan. A classic in the summer of Madrid. It is a place full of tradition: all the parents and grandparents went with their family here and have refreshed themselves in this swamp, located between San Martín de Valdeiglesias, El Tiemblo, Cebreros and Pelayos de la Presa. With 14 kilometers of beaches, it is the only reservoir in Madrid where taking a bath is allowed. The areas for practicing water sports are well delimited and separated from the swimmers. It is important to follow the safety recommendations, as it is possible to reach a depth of 70 meters in some areas of the reservoir. The influx is usually massive and weekends between June and September. You'd better go early or you won't find room to put your towel.
  •  The reservoir of Picadas. Another place to go when you are learning Spanish in Madrid. This is a reservoir with a natural peace for a refreshing summer swim. With an area of 92 hectares, this reservoir is located in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, although the dam that forms this reservoir is close to Aldea del Fresno. Its waters come from the Alberche river, which by the way is home to many small beaches along its course. There is an extensive pine forest and a recreational area with barbecues, tables for lunch, etc. You can also practice fishing in some areas.

Even if Madrid is not in a coastal area, you can rest from your Spanish classes and take a bath in one of these wonderful places.