Academia Contacto with Book Your Study

At Academia Contacto we are delighted to tell you about our new partnership and you can meet us at BookYourStudy! The best platform for contracting educational services around the world.

They have more than 17 years of experience and have services almost all over the world. It is a platform where you can choose and book different educational services directly. In our case, you can book your Spanish course through them - learning Spanish has never been easier!

Furthermore, if you want to find the best Spanish school (or another language), you will receive a lot of information and advice. The team of professionals at BookYourStudy will help you make the right decision. In addition, they will also help you with all the documents and paperwork at no extra charge - a marvel!

Contact our Spanish school at BookYourStudy

Studying abroad can be scary at times. You don't understand the language well and you're afraid to screw up when it comes to delivering the right documentation. However, BookYourStudy will help you every step of the way.

You will find the most suitable Spanish course for your needs, they will tell you which documents you must submit and will help you at all times with the process.

At BookYourStudy you will only find top-quality language schools - and they have chosen us! Our Spanish courses for foreigners are of the highest quality and adapted to the needs of the different students.

Thanks to this partnership, hundreds of students will benefit. The ease of access, communication, advice and progress will make learning Spanish much easier.

At Academia Contacto we want everything to be as simple as possible for you. That's why collaborating with BookYourStudy is a wonderful opportunity for you to find what you need the most and not have any kind of problem.

Another great advantage of BookYourStudy is that they offer you support throughout your training - their company philosophy is very similar to ours! We love that you ask us all your questions. We are happy to support you throughout the learning process. That's why we love this new collaboration. We think it will be really beneficial for you. You will be attended to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be able to solve all the questions that are related to your educational process, but also leisure, organization, adaptation...

At BookYourStudy you will find the best language schools and, among them, Academia Contacto will always be available for you, so that you can learn Spanish without any problem and finding the best course.