What can you do for free in Madrid?

If you are living in Madrid, you can take a break from your Spanish classes and enjoy what the city has to offer without tightening your belt. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much money, Madrid offers a whole load of freebies. Check out the following ideas! With these, you will soon discover that Madrid is the perfect city and caters for all economic situations. 

First of all, you should take a break from your Spanish course and enter an Egyptian world thanks for the beautiful sunset at the Temple of Debod. The views are really incredible. You'll probably fall in love with this place.

Did you also know that there are many museums with free entry? For example, as well as taking advantage of your Spanish classes, you can discover the history of the Patron of Madrid by visiting the Museum of San Isidro. Moreover, you can also visit the less-known Museum of the ICO Foundation and discover the history of money, in the Money House and observe and enjoy the ABC Museum of Enlightenment and take some snaps of the fabulous architecture. Do you know that there is a museum in the National Library? Know all its treasures!

In Madrid, you can enjoy a lot of parks and green spaces where you can partake in outdoor sports or just take a walk if you so wish! For example, Retiro is the biggest park around Madrid. There are many different things to do in Retiro. For example, there are free puppet performances, and you can also ride a bike, rollerblade, take a walk or just enjoy the boats in the lake. You can also travel around the world without leaving Madrid!  How?Where? In the Europe Park, you will find the most important statues from around the world. You can enjoy beautiful monuments as if you were traveling to each and everyone of these places. This park is in Torrejón de Ardoz. Madrid Río or Sabatini’s Gardens are also a perfect option to spend your free time. It's very important to also have life outside the classroom. 

Going to the “Rastro”is a MUST. Take a stroll and discover lots of incredible and fantastic objects. Vintage clothes, sunglasses, photo cameras… It's an impressive place with millions of treasures waiting to be discovered...

If you like literature, you have to familiarize yourself with the “Barrio de las letras” (the letter’s neighborhood). It is the place where many of the great writers lived. And if you love alternative cinema, literature or art, you have to go to the “Matadero de Madrid”.

Learning Spanish in Academia Contacto is a great idea, but you also have to put into practice what you have learned and enjoy free time in this bustling capital!