How you can register for the DELE exam

If you are learning Spanish, you will probably want to pass the DELE Exam. The DELE Exam is the exam that certifies your level of Spanish. It is official from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Companies ask for it when hiring candidates.

In order to take the exam you must register for the test. The Instituto Cervantes has enabled two methods of registration.

How to register for the DELE Exam

There are two methods to register for the DELE Exam. On the one hand, you can register online, through the official channel of the Cervantes Institute, as long as the candidates are in Spain. Registration through this channel is possible for all levels except for students.

If you are taking the exam from outside Spain, you can register at the exam centre itself.

The candidate can pay the registration fees through the payment methods established by the Instituto Cervantes. If you register online, there are electronic payment methods. You can also pay the fee through the examination centre. The concept of payment must be "DELE registration". You must also include the date of the exam and the level at which you are taking it.

The candidate must provide an e-mail address to take the test. This email must be operational. Communication between the candidate and the examination centre or the Instituto Cervantes will be through email.

The student will receive in his email the diploma, the announcements and the communication of the grades and resolutions. Therefore, it is important that the email is operational.

In the case of minors, parents, guardians and legal representatives will have to register them.

By paying the registration fee, the candidate accepts the general purchasing conditions of the Instituto Cervantes.

The candidate must meet the administrative and financial requirements for obtaining the DELE diploma.

The candidate undertakes to attend the exam with the necessary documents: registration receipt, passport or official identity card with photograph and the announcement of the exam in which he/she has registered.

Registration procedure in Spain and abroad

The user has to pay for the tests through the internet after registering on the web portal. The platform accepts payment by credit and debit cards.

The candidate who wants to register for the DELE exam centre (abroad) will have to present the following documents: original or photocopy of the passport or identity card. The identity card must have a photograph, name, surname, nationality and place and date of birth. The details on the registration form must be the same as those on the identity card.

If registration is not done at the examination centre in person, the candidate must fill in and submit the DELE 2020 registration form.


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