How is the summer in Spain?

The coronavirus crisis has caused the expectations for summer to be different. Still, we'll be able to enjoy a few days of rest and disconnection.
It is important that you can take a few days to visit new places, eat well, rest, etc. Summer in Spain has a lot to offer.
If you are thinking of doing a Spanish course, it is a very good idea because summer in Spain is.

Tips for a great summer in Spain

You're going to like summer in Spain no matter what. Spain is a small country but it has many contrasts.

If you like the beach, spain is a peninsula, so you have many types to choose from. If you like lonelier or virgin beaches, you can choose some in Cadiz, or in Cantabria. Also if you prefer a beach area with a lot of atmosphere you have Benidorm or any other town in the eastern area. In huelva are the longest beaches, but without the burden. In Galicia you will find the loneliest and most different beaches. Costa Brava has also unique beaches or some more crowded ones.  Summer in spain with beach is perfect because it adapts to all tastes and needs. 

It's also a good time if you want to get to know towns in the interior. They are usually less crowded and it is ideal to enjoy them.

The mountains are beautiful in the summer. If you want to be in touch with nature Spain has many mountain areas to go hiking and leave your mind blank. It is also interesting to do the way of Santiago.

You can't forget gastronomy. A sign of Spain's identity, and more so in the summer. The coasts are filled with fresh fish every day. It is essential to try the ones that are recommended. In Spain, you can eat well anywhere, so don't miss out on Spain's own cuisine.

This year will not be able to be, but the summer festivals in Spain are very popular and fun. The coronavirus has cancelled most of them, but take note of some to come back next year: San Fermín, la Paloma, FIB, Sonorama, Tomatina, Hogueras de San Juan, Batalla del vino, Feria de Málaga, etc. 

Whatever the case, enjoy the summer in Spain. the weather always accompanies.

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