Easter week in Madrid

Easter is just around the corner and if you're learning Spanish in Madrid, you can't miss this important religious holiday. Madrid changes colour and its streets are filled with people and religious events.  Easter processions are known worldwide. In your Spanish school you will have a holiday and you will be able to enjoy the most authentic Madrid for a few days.

How to do in Easter in Madrid when you are learning Spanish

But it's not all processions. During Holy Week you will find another great number of events to enjoy to the fullest.

The Saetas Flamencas in the Plaza Mayor. It will take place on Friday 30 March. While the processions through the Plaza Mayor, four great singers will sing from the balcony of the Casa de la Panadería. Five flamenco arrows. A show worth seeing if you are studying Spanish in Madrid. You will be able to enjoy true flamenco in an atmosphere full of emotion.

Drumming in the Plaza Mayor. On Sunday, April 1, at 12 noon, the drumming will begin. It will begin in the Convento de las Carboneras, located in the Plaza Conde de Miranda, at 11:45, at the end of the Holy Mass on Easter Sunday. Afterwards, you will pass by the Plaza de la Villa and, finally, you will end up in the Plaza Mayor.

The Easter processions. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and worth seeing shows is the processions. There are a lot of them all over Madrid. So, if you're learning Spanish in Madrid and you're looking for the one closest to you, take a look at the programme. Among the most famous steps are: the Step of Jesus of Medinaceli, the Step of Jesus of the Great and the Step of the Christ of Faith and Forgiveness.

As for the food, "Torrijas" is the traditional dish for this time of year. The most typical is the one made with milk, although you will also find them with wine. If you are learning Spanish in Madrid and want to feel like part of the city, it is essential that you go to a bar in the centre of Madrid and eat some torrija.