The best carnivals in Spain

carnivals in Spain As you may know, Rio de Janeiro’s carnivals are the most famous in the world. It is a party that lasts for days and the whole city is transformed and filled with light and colour.But Spain also has good carnivals that are worth a visit. Especially in some cities, the carnivals are really interesting. Let’s […]

Tips to prepare for the next DELE exam

the next DELE exam As you know, the DELE exams are official qualifications of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, managed by the Instituto Cervantes and the University of Salamanca. For adults, there are exams at six levels, from A1 to C2.In the next DELE exam, practical knowledge is assessed and Spanish from Spain is as valid […]

Spanish curiosities you didn’t know

Spanish curiosities Spain is the 29th most populated country in the world, and the 52nd largest. But Spanish is spoken in Spain and in many other places.One of the first Spanish  curiosities is that it is spoken on six continents:Europe: in Spain.America: in all Central and South American countries, except Brazil, although it is already the second […]

Tips to improve your written Spanish

written Spanish Spanish is written the same way it is pronounced, but it is true that it has a series of rules that make it difficult to learn the written language. Especially because it is a very rich language, with a fairly extensive grammar. It also has many synonyms and punctuation marks. Therefore, we are going to […]

How do you say sorry in Spanish

Lo siento is the usual way of saying sorry in Spanish. It is used to apologize to someone when you have made a mistake. If you want to ask for permission you should not use ‘Lo siento’. Instead, you should say ‘Disculpe’. Both are similar, but slightly different.How do you say ‘Lo siento’ in Spanish?‘I’m […]
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