The best Spanish school in Madrid and Barcelona, by Travelmag

Travelmag, a travel site has chosen us as the best Spanish school in Madrid and Barcelona. According to Travelmag, Madrid and Barcelona are the best cities to do a Spanish course. In addition, in Madrid and Barcelona, you not only learn Spanish, also you can enjoy the siesta, sangria, parties and its wonderful people.

For making its ranking, Travelmag has analyzed all available Spanish courses. The research has been thorough and we have come out among the three best Spanish school, either in Madrid or Barcelona. You'll be the one who has to choose if you prefer one city or another.

Your Spanish school in Barcelona

If you are thinking of going to Barcelona to learn Spanish, you should know that we have some wonderful courses available. Our language School is located in the 19th century house in the city centre. Our academy is very close to La Rambla, where you can enjoy a unique charm in a multicultural setting. Barcelona is the perfect place to study Spanish and practice it with people from all over the world.  

Our Spanish academy has a wide range of courses available, whether you want your courses to be group or individual. Travelmag also explains that our classes are spacious and modern and all have a wonderful interactive technology to give good Spanish classes. Other advantages over other schools are that you can enjoy the terrace, WiFi access, the library, computers and a comfortable sitting room with sofas, where you can practice your Spanish lessons.

Your Spanish school in Madrid

Travelmag said that our academy is very famous in Madrid. Academia Contacto is in the center of the city. It talks about how important our students are to us and the facilities we offer for them to take any of our courses. We have many Spanish courses in Madrid, for you to choose the one that best suits you.

If you prefer to learn Spanish in a more relaxed way, our standard courses are the best option. But if you want to give a fast acceleration and learn as much as possible, we have intensive courses that can help you a lot!

Also Travelmag Highlight our commitment to our students with our cultural plans around Madrid, in which you can put your Spanish into practice, and our program for companies, where you will give a boost to your skills.

Academia contacto is certified by Instituto Cervantes, and we will give you the best attention so that you learn Spanish in the best possible way.


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