Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

Every Monday, all year round (even during Easter and Christmas) except for absolute beginners.
The starting dates for absolute beginners in 2020 are : 7/1, 3/2, 17/2, 2/3, 16/3, 6/4, 4/5, 18/5, 1/6, 15/6, 6/7, 20/7, 3/8, 17/8, 7/9, 21/9, 5/10, 19/10, 3/11, 30/11

What is included in the enrollment fee? (General)

The enrollment fee includes: books and all required learning materials and certificate.

What will my class schedule be?

The schedule depends on the course you book. Here you can see all our courses and their timetable (link)

How long does it take to complete a level?

With the Intensive (and Long Term) Course schedule, it usually takes:
  • 5 / 6 weeks to complete A1
  • 6 weeks to complete A2
  • 6 weeks to complete B1
  • 12 weeks to complete B2
  • 12 weeks to complete C1
Of course, this progress will be achieved if you attend class daily, do your homework, learn vocabulary, try to practice what you learnt…

Can Academia Contacto help me get my student visa?

Yes, we can help you. (We are accredited by Instituto Cervantes). We just need your enrolment, payment and a photo of your passport. We’ll send you the letter immediately, by email, so you can apply for visa.

Course materials

Academia Contacto uses textbooks recommended by Instituto Cervantes, providing the best Spanish teaching methodology, complemented by good amount of audio/visual materials, copies, the school’s own teaching materials, and authentic and actual Internet sources.


You will receive your certificate at the end of the course, provided you attend at least 80% of the lessons.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll : directly in the school or online by this link : ENROLL
Please make payment of the total amount or the deposit (150 €) by credit card or bank transfer, so we can confirm your enrolment. If you pay the deposit (150 €), you’ll have to pay the rest the first day of lessons.