Synonyms in Spanish

If you want to sound like a pro, you have to use different words for the same thing! such as synonyms. Having an extensive vocabulary is any language student’s goal. To achieve this, you have different techniques and tools.

Steps to learn synonyms

First of all, we recommend taking an Intensive Spanish Course (Intensive 20 or Intensive 25 could do the job).

In a group class, you will experience different situations where you will face new vocabulary items: the coursebook, exercises with audiovisual material, interaction with other students and songs, games, etc.

Second, we strongly advise our students to take one book from the library (we lend them to students who stay for several weeks and are avid readers). Over the years we have created quite a nice collection, and students from all over the world continue to bring us new material.

Also, we suggest Spanish learners to make their own Spotify or Youtube playlists with their favorite songs. That way, you learn a lot of new words. One interesting exercise is to listen to songs with a dictionary close to you. You can buy a little notebook to write down the unknown words.

Equally, starting a Spanish Netflix series is a good tip. Spanish cinema, and in particular movies situated in Madrid are super popular. You must have heard about directors like Almodóvar, Amenábar, Buñuel… and actors and actresses like Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Antonio Banderas.

Finally, games provide an excellent way to practice while having fun. In our Intensive Spanish Courses we always dedicate a portion of the weekly classes to playing. You can continue at home with different apps, webs or board games that you can find in toy shops all around downtown Madrid.

We hope that with all these tips you feel motivated to lose the fear of speaking in public that many people have when starting their journey with Spanish

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