Hiking trails in the mountains of Madrid

One of the great advantages of learning Spanish in Madrid is its great leisure offer. Madrid is a big city with many bars, discos, shops and places with beautiful views. But it's also much more. Madrid has a lot of places to go hiking in.

Although in Madrid in winter it is very cold, we have great sunny days that we can take advantage of to know a little more the depths of this wonderful city. So, disconnect from your Spanish classes in Madrid and from the centre of the capital and dare to visit beautiful places.

In addition, by taking hiking routes, you will be able to enjoy new people and put into practice all the Spanish you have learned in your language school.

If you've never hiked before, there are simple routes to start and climb with difficulty. you will need to wear the right equipment: sneakers or boots, socks and clothing for the season.  Always remember to carry a backpack and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Also, if it's a sunny day you'll need good sun protection. Don't burn your skin!

If you are thinking of starting hiking, we leave you with some fairly simple routes to start enjoying this adventure and making the most of your Spanish learning experience.

- The Ecological Path of Canencia:

This is a 6.5km hiking trail with a great variety of flowers and trees. If you are looking for a route to start with hiking, without doubt this is the best one. So when you finish your Spanish class, put on your slippers and go for a walk!

- The Schmidt Road:

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful. A totally indispensable route. It belongs to Madrid despite the fact that it has some sections belonging to Segovia. It's totally awesome. Connects the port of Navacerrada with the town of Cercedilla. It has little difference in altitude, so it is very good for beginners. However, it is recommended that this be a one-way trip only.

- San Juan reservoir:

You've probably heard of him in the summer. But we offer you another way to enjoy this landscape in the other seasons of the year. It has a low difficulty, but keep in mind that it can be a bit long, so we recommend that you make it one way. Along the way you will find panoramic views and even conditioned viewpoints, so that you can enjoy it properly.


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